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you wont belive this its too funny

There is a commercial runnng here in Colo. For a resurch project at some GYN office. Its for some med that is suposed to stop periods and Guess what they offer as compensation for testing the med...

Free Vag exams once a week for a year...LOL

I almost died when I saw it, I am sure people are flocking to their door to get free vag exams once a week.

If anyone wants to sighn up Ill give you the number

Anagray, BSN

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:roll :chuckle

I'll put that on my fun list as soon as i deliver!


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Maybe someone who likes to put a bag over their head once a week would enjoy it. I like life outside of the bag! Got a hyster a few years ago. Best decision of my entire life!


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no. not on your life.

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