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Hi Everybody,

Hoping for some of your valuable input as I am new to the site as a member though I have previously interacted on the site through a friend. As I am an international grad and have just received my ATT ; I would like to attend an nclex review course before attempting going it alone. I have researched many of the going courses online and have finally downsized them to 3 (Feuer, Excell Nursing Reveiw & Hurst) based on their rave reviews and results.As I will be spending approx 2 mnths in the States as of September 15; I would really appreciate any experiences you may have that would shed light as to which nursing review program is in your opinion or experience the best one to go with. Many many thanks in advance for sharing.

have you tried they have review courses of 3 weeks and up, i heard they are very good and cheaper than themother ones

Hi. I Can't say that I have,but I will be sure to look them up . Thank you so much for this.:)

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