Compare online RN-BSN programs in GA


Columbus State University just came to my school and they have an online RN-BSN accelerated track that's 1 year long.....I'd have to finish core first. I've got to find out if I could take the rest of my core at my local technical college because it would be cheaper.

Can anyone else tell me of RN-BSN programs that are completely online?

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I will be watching this thread also. Would love some ideas on where to look.

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Try here they are very affordable, I know a few LVN's and RN ADN's that have enrolled, primarily because of their cost.


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Brenau, Georgia Southern, North Georgia College and State University. Don't quote me but I'm pretty sure they all have full online rn-bsn programs. That was just from a quick search I did the other day. I start my ADN program in january and I'm already looking ahead to the bsn bridge, lol. Good to know that Clayton State has one as well. A little birdie told me that Georgia Perimeter is working on getting the BSN as well so, if the rumors are true, they may have a program within the next few years.


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GCSU has a fully online rn-bsn program also.


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Just wanted to bump this thread. Has anyone had any experience with these programs?



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Bumping this as I am looking to apply, but am having trouble finding reviews of any of the programs. Thanks!


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I graduate with an ASN in May from UNG (formerly North Georgia College and State University.) I did not get in to the RN-BSN bridge at my own school (nor did almost every applicant at our school.) I have a 3.81 gpa! They are looking for folks who are: working in a hospital already, whether an LPN or a PCT (patient care tech), folks who are members of professional organizations such as GANS, folks taking the Leadership class at our school (4 semesters of MORE papers and crap), and all core classes for BSN done. You may get in with a 3.5 if your core classes are done, or if you are an LPN, or maybe a combo of the above mentioned. Otherwise, GPA alone gets you nowhere at UNG. Not even for current students! I'm looking into RN-BSN bridge programs, hopefully online, that I can use my Hope Scholarship (which I only have until summer 2015.) Anybody have any ideas? Oh, and hopefully a school that is not competitive!!! I would just like to apply and give them my money, haha! I'm tired of competing for a good life! I'll always work hard, but I hate the politics.