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I've been looking at Boston hospitals and have been trying to weigh the costs and benefits of commuting (I'm about an hour out of the city). I've thought recently about trying to get a few back to back 12s and staying in town overnight as opposed to driving home after every shift. Are there any Boston hospitals that have on-call rooms or cheap employee rates for nearby hotels where commuting nurses can sleep? Thanks for any help!


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from what i gather, getting a hosp job in boston is nie on impossible....therefore those kind of perc would not be being offered....good luck

Most Boston Hospitals are unionized, getting back to back shifts go to nurses with seniority ( like > 20 years). I do know during snow storms some hospitals will offer areas to sleep. Since many patients are from out of town hotels are expensive (supply and demand).

If you are lucky enough to get a job, you can take the commuter rail, usually the hospital will give a discount on this. Parking is expensive and often off site.

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I work at one of the major hospitals in Boston. I've never heard of on call rooms for nurses or employee rates at any nearby hotels. There is no parking on campus for employees during the weekdays, except night shift. If you work straight night shift or weekends only, parking wouldn't be an issue. The commuter rail is an option and is discounted through the hospital as Alexk49 mentioned, but it only runs at certain times which makes it tough.

Would it be possible for you to move closer to the city? It's pretty easy to park at a T stop and ride the T into work. I know you didn't ask for this advice but personally, the costs of commuting that far, or the cost of a hotel room 2 nights a week plus the time spent away from home for 3 days wouldn't be worth working at a Boston hospital for me.

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