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Communication issues with Distance Prog.

I am having serious second thoughts again about attending an MSN program mainly because of communication issues. I do not want to name the programs.

I just feel it's important to be able to get past the clerk for vital information,such as information on practicums,etc. I just can't believe the two distance MSN programs that respond very poorly if at all to emails. I'm just flabbergasted. I really have to wonder if there is some major cost cutting in terms of hiring appropriate numbers of faculty at SOME of the DL settings.

I'm also surprised at some of the old software used. I am reasonably computer literate, but the amount of time trouble shooting computers with some of the DL schools seems unreasonable to me. I am not getting my degree in Information Technology and I'm tired of rude school personnel. I'm seriously thinking of abandoning the DL module and going to traditional MSN scholl which is close by anyway,though more expensive. I spoke with the program head of a traditional program and what a difference. Got lots of info re the practicums, ways to challenge a course, possible teaching avenues to cut down on tuition (i.e. teaching asssitantship.) But I don't totally want to abandon the DL yet. Any tips? Is it the norm for you guys/gals to tolerate rude or less than polite behavior from the DL schools? Or did I just happen to pick schools that are under the budget crunch? (Yes, they are state run schools.) thanks.

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I've gotten excellent support, but I'm an undergrad RN to BSN, not MSN. We even have our instructors home phone number.

Good luck.

If you know or can find any current students in the programs, see if you can get more direct contact information (ie, advisers, professors, etc - not just the secretary in the main office.)

I'd be wary of any DL program where I couldn't get my questions answered in a timely manner. Fortunately, that hasn't been an issue in any of my DL experiences.

I am in RN to MSN at my DL school and am happy with it. It is not state run though. It is private, and I would not have been able to go to graduate school any other way. I have gotten impatient with people a few times but I understand that everyone has their challenges and perhaps I wasn't being clear enough about what I needed. I have been "going" to this school for a while, and I have never had anyone be rude.

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