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comfort care vs dnr


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Help me here with what you think the differences are. I know, but I don't think the hospital where my step dad was (he expired) knew. I'm in the process of going through is his medical records and this makes no sense.

Second, if a person is an alcoholic, do you put them on a protocol for possible withdrawal? I know our hospital does. This man drank about a half case of beer a day, even though he told them only six beers. My mother repeatedly told them it was more. The man seized 3 days later and aspirated vomitus. He never recovered. His admitting diagnosis was hyponatremia (122) and pylonephritis.

Anyway, the discharge notes said he was comfort care, even though he wasn't. My mom made him a no code, but NOT comfort care. Even his MARS said "NO VS, pt comfort care". They were to put a peg in him the next day. Now why would a MAR say comfort care, no vitals, but yet say NPO for peg placement? Am I missing something or were they complete idiots?:devil:


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Can not render a professional opinion as not involved in the care nor know the policies of the hospital he was at.

I am sincerely very sorry for your loss and hope you and your mother are doing well.



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You need to decide what you want to do with this information. If you are not interested in legal action, then there is probably little more you can do.

I am sorry for your loss.

If you want to proceed, I am sure there are attorneys who would look at the records.

Most of the doctors at my facility do start librium on alcoholic patients. To me, no code means that we are doing everything for them that we can do until their heart stops or respirations cease. However, sometimes, a no code patient is so close to death that they basically become comfort care. We are just waiting for the end, there is no way we can save them.

What are you hoping to gain from the medical records? If your mother made him a no code, it seems that she may have been talked to by the doctor and they realized that his prognosis was not good. Would he have made it if they were checking his VS? I feel for your sadness but I don't understand what you are trying to get out of this?

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I am truly sorry for your loss but these are questions we just can't answer.

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