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Does anyone have any advice on combat boots. Where to get them, sizing, and brands? The guy at the military clothing store recommended nikes. They only sell men's though, so if I'm a 8-8.5 in women's Nike running shoes what size boots do I need?


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I'm a guy but I love my nikes. If you are Army, make sure to get the new version that are made of leather and not synthetic stuff, the older ones are no longer authorized for wear. They are super comfortable. Not the best for the field due to lack of support but they are great for just walking and the clinical environment.

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I wear Danners and will not wear anything else. They are very durable and made in the US. They will cost a little bit more then Nike but worth every penny. If you are working 12 hour shifts,you want boots that give you good support over good looks. Also you do not know if and when you will deploy and it could be on short notice.

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Before I got out in 2014, the cool guy boots approved for wear with ACUs were the Rocky SVs. Before that I swore by Bellville 390DES boots. I was an 11B so a good pair of boots were one of the most important pieces of kit you could have.

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Loved my Nikes. No break-in time, super light, great for 12-hr shifts on my feet in the ER. You can usually buy them on the AAFES website online, no sales tax and free shipping. You should go try on Nike men's running shoes to figure out your size, mine was true to that.