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Columbus Tech ADN SPRING 2018



Are there any other CTC hopefuls applying for Spring 2018? I know we can not submit apps until September 15th, but I believe being proactive and networking before hand is a great way to inspire and talk about the process... I take the NLN Sep 11th. Have you all taken it before? What is there to expect?... is it vastly different than the TEAS??

How was your NLN? I'm taking my on sept 25 and I'm nervous

Sooooo Hurricane Irma didn't think I was prepared enough for it today lol. My test had to be rescheduled due to the school closing today & tomorrow. I won't know my rescheduled date until Wednesday :/ but I'm thinking it's going to be next Monday, the 18th.

Atleast it gives you more time to review! I'm sure you will be fine! Can you let me know how it goes and if it's anything like the teas? Thank you so much. I'm just stressing haha

You're so right ! & I sure will let you know that's not a problem !

Update: So my test is rescheduled for Sept 22 which is the Friday before your test. If my memory serves me right I will def. let you know how it goes before that Monday!

Omg thank you so much! You are a live saver

Kinda hoping it's like the teas

I'm glad I found this thread! I'm applying for spring 2018 as well!

I'm so excited (and nervous) that we can finally apply. I took the NLN in august. I have never taken the TEAS test so I can't compare it. It was a lot easier than the ACT... Good luck you two!

Is there any tips for us? How was the reading /science section that's the most I'm freaking out about

I got the book they recommend on the homepage. It helped me a lot!!!

Science was a lot easier than I thought it would be. I was scared of anything regarding physics/chemistry, but there were barely any questions about those topics, and if so they were easier ones.

Reading wasn't bad either. Just keep an eye on the clock! With reading I tend to try to understand every detail, which takes up way too much time.

Things I learned when studying for the ACT (applies to the NLN too) are:

Answer every question, even if you don't know the answer. You might just guess right and earn a point!

Reading: Scan the questions plus answers first, then scan the text for keywords while you are reading the text. That way you know what to look for. (You can go back and forth between the questions for one text/passage)

Take practice tests.

Get rest the night before the test and don't try to cram.

I hope this helps!

We're glad you found this thread too! Lol what did you score on the NLN if you don't mind me asking? I know we have to get at least a 115 but is that hard to obtain??? Being as to how you have taken it already. I'm so ready for this test to be over! Lol

I scored a 153... It is definitely possible to score 115 and above, but I really think it is important to go in there with a positive mindset. Take a few practice tests so you know what to expect. The actual test was a lot like the practice tests!

Is anybody else still finishing up their pre-req's? I asked the school if it is ok to finish them during this semester, and they said yes. But I'm still a little scared that in the end that will cost me the acceptance.

Thank you so much! When I took the TEAS I messed up by staying up super late the night before trying to study more. Ranked in the 85th percentile on it.. people say that's not a bad score but I know I could have done better. The science part hurt me bad. I will most definitely take your advice!

I have completed all of my pre reqs. I am transferring from GA Perimeter (GA State now). Their program has already started and I missed the deadline like a crazy person. I believe everything happens for a reason though because I had no idea Columbus Tech even offered a nursing program, let alone a shorter one!

Also my compass is reading 92

And writing 86

With pre req gpa 3.8

What are your scores?

Should I take the compass again?

Nervous for my nln on 25th

I def wanna make higher than 115

I've studied just so nervous I'll get the hardest questions

lovingmy2 You will do great then! I don't think the NLN test we have to take is harder than the TEAS. I looked both up before taking the NLN test, because I was curious what they are about. And yes 85 percentile is great!!!! You will rock this test.

Yay, another transfer student! I agree with you that everything happens for a reason. I applied at CVCC in spring, which was my first semester of taking prereqs. Of course I didn't get in, because even though completion of prereqs before the program start is not required, they use the grades to rank applicants. But if I actually get into the Columbus Tech program, I will be finished even sooner than I would have going to CVCC.

I really hope everything goes well and we all get into the program! I'm going to drop off my application today :nurse:

Also my compass is reading 92

And writing 86

With pre req gpa 3.8

What are your scores?

Should I take the compass again?

Nervous for my nln on 25th

I def wanna make higher than 115

I've studied just so nervous I'll get the hardest questions

I took the Accuplacer and not the Compass, so I'm not 100% sure which scores they wanted for Compass, but I think you scored above them! Your gpa is great! Mine is about the same and my Accuplacer scores were

Reading 104

Sentence Skills 111

You studied for the test, believe in yourself and think super positive. I know it sounds crazy, but positive thinking helps soooo much! You will rock the test!

I talked to someone who finished the program last year I think, and she said almost everybody who applied got into the program. So hopefully we get that lucky as well!

SaTyAaZo you are giving me all kinds of good vibes! Lol I love your attitude. Yes, I hope we all get accepted into the program this year as well. I would love to meet you guys! You are def getting in with that 153! And Nervousros your GPA is very good. I'm going to tell you all about the NLN come Friday so you can prepare even more.

I believe we need to build each other up and support each other! Good luck on your NLN and keep us posted!