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Does anyone know what kind of GRE scores you need to get into their Master's programs?

Is Columbia ridiculously competitive and very hard to get into?

Many thanks!

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Hey Columbia NP students/alumni,

Can anyone tell me about the Acute Care NP program or the FNP program at Columbia? How difficult is it to get in? I graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a 2.97 gpa (attributing that to my really bad bout of mono one year), average GRE's, have great rec's from professors and nurse managers and have about 2 years experience as an RN currently working on a Neurosurgical Unit at Mount Sinai. I was accepted to Penn on a scholarship, received an award for nursing research at graduation and am now serving on Mount Sinai's nursing research committee. Input please!


I can tell you about the ACNP program. The program director left and the administration made some major changes to the clinical component. It is now 4 semesters instead of 5 and clinicals are 2 days/week instead of 4 days/week (4 hours/week per unit). The non-ETP students (that would be you if you decide to apply) are thrilled that they can keep working (lectures are all on 1 day/week). I, however, just finished the BSN portion of my program and got my RN like 2 weeks ago. I was looking forward to an intense rigorous specialty with lots of clinical hours. I am now taking a leave of absense and reevaluating my decision to pursue the ACNP at Columbia.

The FNP program is supposed to be good although my preceptor for integration said she had a friend who didn't get a clinical placement for an entire semester (despite being enrolled). So I would ask to see whether they've corrected that situation.

You sound like a competitive applicant to me but I really don't know what they are looking for in someone who is already an RN.

Thanks so much for your input's nice to know that people actually respond to you on this board. I'll keep you updated on what happens.

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I am now taking a leave of absense and I'm seriously considering not coming back to the ACNP program.

I was wondering why I haven't seen you all summer...I thought you just changed your specialty, again :rolleyes:


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I'm really glad I found this post as I've been looking for posts regarding Columbia and their curriculum.

I submitted my app a few weeks ago so now I have to wait a few grueling months until February! I applied for ACNP and now that I'm reading negative reviews of the program am a little worried about it. Do you think they'll change it in time for the summer 2007 curriculum? If not, what other specialties would you recommend instead of AC? I don't have any particular interest in doing FNP..

Also, what kind of grades and GRE scores did accepted applicants have?

I have a 3.71 GPA and 680 Q, 580 V and 4.5 A.

Thanks to anyone who replies!

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I know this thread is kinda old, but i just wanted to share my disappointment that the school is getting rid of their accelerated track program. I went through nursing school, got by ASN, and my next stop was to try to get into their program now i'm left with either having to apply as a transfer student to their BSN program, or see if i can get into NYU's AMP...oh well. I'm taking this year to focus solely on work, so i guess i have plenty of time to see what happens next...

Does anybody know why they d/c'd the AMP program? That was my goal as well. Anybody know of any comparable accelerated programs for ASNs?


Is anyone in the acute care masters program in Columbia? I am very interested in applying and I have a bunch of questions. I'm interested in doing the joint degree MS/MPH as a part-timer applying for Fall 2011. If anyone has any advice please let me know. I have a 3.5 GPA with 1 year experience in the SICU and I am taking my GRE soon my average practice exams have been in the 1100s. What are my chances? and any advice to offer me would be great ! Thanxx!

Both programs are well run. If you want to work through the masters phase, then FNP is the way to go. Libby, who runs the program, wants people to work full time and do the program full-time. OTOH, even though you can't work in the AC program (4 days/week of clinical), Dan Roberts runs that program with an iron fist and claims to have a 100% job placement rate upon graduation. You've got lots of time to decide... primary care and acute care are very different disciplines. Just remember to keep your eye on the prize during ETP, the crazed nature of the academics really got to a lot of people this year.


OK, I know I'm responding to a post made years ago, but I'm wondering... I was accepted to the ETP FNP track today. Is it possible to switch to ACNP if I come to the conclusion that that is a better fit for my interests? Thanks.

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You can ususually switch into any track except Anesthesia or Midwifery.

I know this post is old, but reading through this thread and wondering about the new changes made in the acute NP program since 2006. Any alumni/ current students in the acute care or neonatal NP care to comment?

Is the Oncology Nurse Practitioner ETP program capped or hard to get in to?

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