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colorado working visa

by terebong terebong (New) New

is it really true the colorado working visa for 3 weeks? :yeah:

if there will be no problem with processing?:crying2: can anyone out there prove their story in applying for a work in USA in this process.:jester:

im quite interested with this process.:up:

just hope someone share their experience....thanks:loveya:

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Can you give more information on what you are talking about. There are no quick ways to work in the US especially as a RN

Welcome to allnurses! :balloons: I hope you'll find the site useful and interesting!

There is lots of information about immigration and licensure in the US already posted on this forum -- please have a look at some of the existing threads. Here are links to a few threads of particular interest, to get you started:




Again, welcome, and best wishes!

We do not have working visas for RNs as you call it and there is not one of any type that can be obtained in three weeks. Just not going to happen. And states do not issue visas, that is only done by the US federal government.

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