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  1. by   Raicho
    Alice88, I was only the 2nd class to graduate and we were done in 32 months. However, that was before they changed their schedule. Platt worked for me as I already had some classes, but not all, and I wouldn't have been able to apply for any other program for at least a year since I was only taking 1 class a semester, while I worked 2 jobs.

    The accelerated programs are fast, and if you are the right person for it, they are great. However, I have numerous friends and co-workers who did them or are doing them and they say it is the hardest thing they have ever done. So take that into consideration as well. Especially Regis' 10 month program; you have no life outside of school AND you basically get a crash course in nursing. I have had some tell me (mostly those who had no healthcare experience prior) that they felt extremely overwhelmed once they got on the floor and didn't really feel ready. Not because the program didn't prepare them, just because a lot of nursing is experience and time and 10 months doesn't really give you either.

    In addition, I waited about 6 months after graduating before I started my Masters Program but I know many people who are wanting to wait a bit longer before doing that and many who have completely changed their minds about what they want to do now that they have finished school and entered the workforce. So it is great that there are people out there planning ahead, but I would suggest keeping as open a mind as you can. As mentioned before, I work in a Magnet Hospital and am getting my MSN/MBA/MHCA. And Yes, I graduated from, as of today, un-accredited by the NLN, Platt College. :>)
  2. by   Alice88
    Raicho, that's great it worked so well for you. As I said, it seems like a good program, but I can't afford to be out of work for 3 years. I'm married with two kids and we can't afford to lose a paycheck for that long.

    As for grad school, my whole reason for going into nursing is to become an NP, and the NP programs in the area all require the NLN or CCNE accreditation for your BSN, and the online ones I've looked into are the same. If you know of any NP programs that will accept Platt's degree without the NLN I'd love to know which ones they are.
  3. by   somedaynp
    I am about halfway through the admissions process at Platt (wish me luck) and according to them, their NCLEX pass rate in the last 4 graduating classes is 100% at the first try. they've graduated 5 classes, and in the first graduating class, one person didn't pass the first time, but passed the second time.
  4. by   somedaynp
    As I mentioned in an earlier post, I am about halfway through that admissions process at Platt and am hoping for the January 4 start. I've got a BA, but I graduated in 2003 and my gen eds and sciences are too old to transfer -- kinda frustrating, but I guess I will need the review with the sciences. I took most of them about 8 years, 2 children ago, and one divorce ago. Makes one forget important details. Does anyone have any advice regarding the interview process? Mine is in a few days and I'm somewhat nervous. Also, anyone else doing this program who has small children? How do you find balance?
  5. by   RN2BKS
    What do you think of that school? I moved from MN and the community college did not take some of my generals so I am starting over somewhat. I am looking for somewhere to start a little sooner then the Community Colleges. I am going to a interest meeting at Platt but from looking at all these posts, it looks a bit expensive and not sure if it is worthy. I REALLY am wanting to start a program very soon and it makes me frustrated that I don't have a career. What did you think overall of Platt? Thanks so much!! :spin:
  6. by   RN2BKS
    Somedaynp how is it going so far? I'm taking the exam in two weeks! I hope you got in for the 4th! Let me know what happens!
  7. by   somedaynp
    Quote from Nursesoon??
    Somedaynp how is it going so far? I'm taking the exam in two weeks! I hope you got in for the 4th! Let me know what happens!
    I did get in I'm pretty excited, but had the financial aid meeting the other day, and that deflated the excitement a little. It's expensive. How did your testing go?
  8. by   SummitRN
    With how long and how expensive Platte is, I think people would be economically and professionally better off working their present job while on a wait list for a shorter cheaper school that might be more respected.
  9. by   RN2BKS
    I got scared and didn't go through the testing. I figured that I would just go somewhere else because the money part is a little too much for me. I wish I could go but my fiance would kill me!!! Good luck at Platt, I hope that you like it there. :spin:
  10. by   RN2BKS
    I really hope you like it! Congrats again
  11. by   leahjack1016
    Quote from somedaynp
    I did get in I'm pretty excited, but had the financial aid meeting the other day, and that deflated the excitement a little. It's expensive. How did your testing go?
    Hi! I saw that you met with financial aid. I just got my acceptance letter from Platt, but it makes it difficult because it is a big secret about financial aid. Are you in the Jan. 4 class? #16. We will probably be classmates. I am wondering.... Are you willing to share what you learned at the appointment? Do they have payment plans? If you don't have a co-signer, do they allow you to pay monthly? Anything you can tell me would be great. Thanks.
  12. by   Malfijo
    I have been thinking about the pros and cons of platt and I do feel that Platt is right for me. I have been accepted for the Jan 4th start date. I like how much one on one attention you recieve and how small the class sizes are. I called the NLN and they told me platt would know if they are get NLN accredited by March 2011. So if they do get accredited while Im in school, than I will graduate with NLN accredidation. But, right now my goal is to be a nurse with a BSN, the whole magnet hospital and Masters degree thing isnt my top priority. Actually alot of schools like arapahoe community and DSN arent even canidates for NLN. Im really excited to start in January!!
  13. by   Raicho
    Just an FYI, Platt now has complete approval from the Colorado State Board of Nursing and is expecting a site visit from the NLN in the next 6 months-1 year (I think, I could be off on the time). In addition, the first graduating class had a 78% pass rate for the first time NCLEX, but the 3 classes after all had 100% pass rates, which no other school in Denver can claim. The only schools in Denver that are accredited by a National Nursing organization, are Regis, CU and University of Phoenix. Associate degree programs are not eligible, so ACC, etc. cannot even apply for candidacy. I don't know about UCD. Perhaps because they are part of the CU program they are? I'm not sure. Again, I graduated from Platt, in Cohort 2, and am now employed at Craig Hospital, which is a Magnet Hosptial. I did not have any Clinicals there, but I managed to arrange for my Senior Capstone to be there, and I think that helped.

    I did work part time while going to Platt, but I had some pretty flexible employers and it was not easy. They do have payment plans and they are interest free (or were when I was there). I paid every month and was not charged interest. Margie is their financial aid person and I know she may not be the easiest person to approach initially, but she is awesome and will do anything she can to make things easier for you. Definitely use her as a resource.

    Hope this helps, good luck!

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