planning a move to CO: what's the pay like?

  1. Hi everyone, I was about to post a general question about wroking in CO, but others have done it for me. (thanks!)...I'm finishing up school in NJ, where I hear that pay is higher than most states. would any of you out there talk salary to me? Much appreciated, from a former native looking to return.
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  3. by   NikRN
    Hi there!

    Welcome to colorado when you do get here! I live in colorado springs. New Grads start at 21.70 at the hospital I am at! Good luck!
  4. by   tutored
    Thanks for the "upcoming" welcome! My grandparents are from Colorado Springs and Leadville - I grew up going to Colorado springs when it was just scattered homes on mountainsides and hilltops and a few small stores (I'm 40)...I've heard it's changed!

    I appreciate the numbers for is higher in NJ, but the cost of living is huge (I'm 30 minutes from midtown manhattan)...this is very helpful. Thanks again!

  5. by   nursechris1
    I have found that the pay isn't any different than other places. I live in the Vail area, and my nurses make anywhere from 25-30/hr depending on their experience and length of service. It is very depressing here, however, as the cost of living is out of control. The minimum price for a decent house is upper 400s and up. Most of the "middle income" housing is 500,000 to 800,000. However, middle income folks like myself can't afford to buy a house. We are thinking seriously of moving. I would like to stay in Colorado though.
  6. by   tutored
    That is very disconcerting to have my empathy. your home prices (I've been to Vail many times, mostly growing up, but lately, too) are the same as my area (central NJ, 30 minutes from Manhattan), yet starting salaries are at least 25 per hour, and I know BSNs with 2-3 years experience on regular med-surg floors making 36 dollars an hour our costs of living is high, so the nurses salaries aren't as high, relatively speaking, as they seem. But is sounds like you folks out there have our costs of living, but a lower pay scale. That stinks!:angryfire But thanks for replying...I miss the people out west SO MUCH, whole family, going back four generations on both sides, come from Colorado....I appreciate your feedback, and thanks to the whole group!

  7. by   RNin'08
    Where in CO do you want to live tutored? The cost of living is high but much lower in the metro areas than in the mountain communities. You can buy a beautiful home in a great neighborhood for about 250,000 if you live in the suburbs of Denver. Starting pay in the area is roughly 23-25/hour for new grads.

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