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  1. Hello I'm currently in nursing school in Denver and I'am trying to figure out the best possible chose for me on where to do my practicum. I have always been interested in ER/Trauma, and i also want to do my practicum somewhere I can learn as much as possible. Normally the nursing school will place you somewhere for your practicum but i know quite a few people who where placed in nursing homes or elementary schools and those two things are the last places i would like to be placed only because that is nothing close to what i want to do and I have done a few rotations already at nursing homes and its not my cup of tea. I have also been told that most places will not hire a new grad in the ER. Im wondering if i can get my foot in the door somewhere in an ER if that would give me a better chance and if I should be careful at choosing which ER to do my practicum at. Im currently looking into Avistas ER but would love some insight on other peoples practicum and there placement. Any insight or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!!!
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  3. by   lkk0718
    EDs usually EMTs as techs because they have the IV certification. That would be the best way to get one.
  4. by   lkk0718
    Sorry my typing sucks. The best way to get into an ED is to become an EMT. The are usually the only ones that will be hired on as a new grad nurse.
  5. by   cojamie
    Honestly you probably won't get hired as a new grad into an ER. It's hard to get into an ER without ICU experience. I would suggest doing your practicum in a Burn/Trauma ICU and try to get a job there. Then after a year or two try to transition over to an ER.
  6. by   SE_BSN_RN
    Just because most places won't hire a new grad in the ER doesn't mean you can't do your practicum in the ER. I did mine in OB, and no one hires new grads into OB, either. What hospitals did you do clinicals at? I'd start there, see if you can do one in their ER. I told my schools clinical coordinator "I want to do my practicum at XYZ hospital with XYZ person," and they set everything up for me.
  7. by   Hannahlu2
    Thanks for the post I appreciate the feed back! I currently already work in an ED now as a clerk and am going to be doing my practicum there super exited!
  8. by   Hannahlu2
    Just got it approved by the hospital I work at and school! Thanks again for the suggestions! Even if I can't get hired as a new grad atleast I'll get some experience in the ED