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I am looking for a LPN program in Colorado. I heard Emily Griffith has a great program but I want to later move into RN program. I also checked in Regis What do you think?... Read More

  1. by   Maghunter
    I am currently going to Concorde. I will say that yes, it is very expensive, but it is the easiest school to get into and shortest RN school around. Those two things totally trade off with how much it costs. I made the decision to go back into nursing at the end of July, and am now almost done with my first term. In the long run I will be done with school and working as a nurse 1 to 2 years faster by going to Concorde, and that means I will be able to make a lot more money in those two years rather than dink around with the wait lists at other schools. So you have to take that into consideration as well.

    Right now the school is going through a TON of changes, most of which are for the good. One of the problems with Concorde is the "sales" staff and front office people are very "used car sales" type people. I'm sorry, but it is very true. You have to look past that. So far I think the education is just as good here as it would be anywhere else. School is what you make of it. Because of the accelerated pace, the classes are VERY hard. However, if you are dedicated and work hard, you can do great there. I personally have a goal of getting a 4.0, and so far am doing just that.

    I really like all my professors right now. Concorde does tend to have a high turn over rate for instructors, and I'm not sure why, but so far mine are all pretty great.

    I'm also probably going to come across as racist or prejudice with my next statement, but I don't care because it's the truth. Concorde also offers a lot of other programs of a "lower" nature...such as internet coding and billing, dental assistant, MA, etc. These programs seem to attract a ton of lower class students. This in turn, honestly, makes the school seem much more ghetto. I mean you should see the parking lot full of smokers during lunch breaks. In my opinion, the only real program worth going into there is the RN, and it is also the only degree program they offer. I don't recommend getting your LPN, because you will just end up having to go back to school to get RN anyway. So just suck it up and get RN to start.

    So if you can handle the cost as well as the fast pace, Concorde is awesome.
  2. by   DenRN71
    Sand Dollar, wow, thank you so much for sharing your strategy (anal as it may be!). You sound very well organized and on top of things. I'm impressed you are able to do this with such a full course load. You have a lot of helpful ideas and info, I appreciate you taking the time to type it all out here. I sure wish professors would give access to the syllabus prior to the semester start date--it would make it easier to prepare in advance. At least with my A&P II class I can just continue reading where we left off last time.

    thanks again, and best of luck to you. Are you nearly done with your pre-req's and when/ where are you applying?

  3. by   tsalagicara
    Maghunter, that's very interesting. Thanks for sharing. I did wonder about the RN program there at Concorde, and I've heard it's much better in quality all-around than the LPN program. I did have a friend in the RN program who enjoyed it thoroughly and graduated with honors. I went there (at least, I started there...) for the LPN program and I can say that the LPN program's quality of education is not as good as other schools in the area (I can kind of compare because I switched to a different LPN program at a public school). Other schools normally don't overlook cheating on tests (some of which was done by students texting each other the answers during the test!), lewd & crude sexual behavior and comments from classmates, racist remarks from classmates, size discrimination from administration against a classmate, huge class disruptions, and much more... I was a stellar, straight-A student who did not cause any trouble, yet got chewed out or ignored when I brought some of those situations (and others) to the attention of teachers and the DON (that particular DON is no longer there, btw). Plus, other schools don't normally give a student more than one try to pass a class like Dosage Calculations, because dosage calc is serious business. For most other schools here, if a student fails the dosage calc final, they have to retake the class; if they fail again, that is that, they can't continue on. A student in my LPN class at Concorde got 3 chances to retake her dosage calc final, and did badly all 3 times. She went on to make a HUGE mistake in clinicals by miscalculating a dosage and giving a patient the wrong insulin dosage, which can be life-threatening.

    LOL... I totally agree with you, Maghunter, about the "sales associates" in the front office. They are called advisors but, just like you said, they are high-pressure salesmen/women, who often resort to using dirty psychological tricks to guilt people into signing up. I am very happy to hear that there are changes being made in the admin. offices.

    I wish I could have started in the RN program anyway... I scored very high on the entrance exam and was going to be given top priority for a seat in the RN program, but I could not afford the cost of tuition. I was barely able to cover the cost of the LPN program, even using federal grants, state grants, and federal student loans. When I decided I couldn't take going to Concorde's LPN program any longer, and left after the end of a session, they tried to charge me for the remaining cost of the program that I had not attended (roughly $6,000 they said I owed them). They claimed something about "proration" of the tuition, and for a while, I had debt collectors calling me every day from Concorde's main office. Why pay for classes I didn't attend? In the end, thankfully, I got the debt "forgiven"... but it was a huge hassle.

    I think that I have to agree with you Maghunter, that if a person can handle the cost of tuition at Concorde, the fast pace, and handle the crap that goes on there, then go for it. Not everybody, though, is able to "suck it up" and go for their RN the first time; not everyone wants to go for their RN the first time. Some people don't want to become RNs at all and would rather remain an LPN, and there is nothing wrong with that. It is really an individual choice. If you can afford to go the RN route at Concorde, though, that is the route I would recommend at that school. If you must (or would rather) go the LPN program route at Concorde, please proceed with caution, and prepare for a very bumpy ride.
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  4. by   tooky
    Thank you so much Maghunter!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VERY VERY useful info! I will take everything you said into consideration. Is the entrence test hard to score high on be hones!

    Once again THANKS!
  5. by   tooky
    LOVE the feed back! I really do have to be ready and focused!
  6. by   Sand_Dollar
    I hear you on the syllabus thing, I would LOVE to have it ahead of time too! You are welcome, I hope you can find something helpful in all of that. The most important thing for me is that spreadsheet, next would be the outlines.

    I already applied to CU and I'm just waiting on the letter. I checked their website and they no longer allow you to work on pre-reqs like I am now. Too bad for those applying next time - which may very well be me if I don't get in this time!

    I have 5 pre-reqs to finish for CU (stats, western civ, music app, logic (philosophy) & sociology), but I am taking 6 classes (+interpersonal communication) so I can graduate with an A.S. this May.

    At least I can work on some classes until I find out one way or another about CU. It's a good distraction at least. Where/when are you planning on applying amac71?
  7. by   L&DRN2010
    I took Statistics online at CU Denver, I took the Sociology section of it because I thought it would be easier to understand if the stats were applied to real life situations. I didn't like the professor very much but I loved the class. My best advice is to buy a secondary statistics help book or get one from the library, that way you always have the equations in front of you when you are taking a test or doing your homework. My professor had terrible lectures where she would jump topics and not explain things so it was really beneficial to have that extra book to bring all of the concepts together for me. Secondly, *Don't get behind*. The concepts in Statistics build upon themselves so if you skip one week you will be behind on all the rest, or have trouble understanding them. As long as you follow the homeworks each week and do that secondary studying then I think you will be fine!
  8. by   One1
    I took statistics online through ACC. I had a great teacher and her online class set-up was well-structured. She used an online-homework/ quiz type website where you could redo the quizzes until you were happy with the results (each time you would get different values and questions) and it had a walk-through feature you could use afterwards that explained the steps in the calculations. I really liked that feature as practice for the actual exams, and if you don't mind spending some time on your online homework/quiz part (which you shouldn't mind in any online class) it is a great way to secure a good point foundation that can boost your overall grade. I agree with the previous poster: DON'T GET BEHIND on your readings and homework, and DO your practice exercises until you really get the concept. The chapters build on each other, and it can get a bit challenging towards the end, but it is absolutely doable. I am NOT a fan of statistics, never took it before, and A'd the class, and believe me, if I can do it, you guys can
  9. by   DenRN71
    Sand Dollar, thanks again. I also applied to CU, and am waiting impatiently for March :-) I have a previous bachelor's so I only had to take 4 pre-req's. I am not applying for any other programs and if I'm not admitted to CU this time I will likely resubmit my application for 2011.

    Best of luck to you!
  10. by   ashaffer
    I am very close to getting all of my pre-requisites completed and am worried about my GPA for getting into either University of Colorado bachelors accelerated program or like programs at Regis or Metro State. I will have a 3.0 for pre-reqs and a slightly higher GPA for my previous bachelors degree.
    Having said that, I was wondering if anyone knew if DSN was trying to get further accreditation. I know they are currently accredited with ACCSC but was wondering if there was any talk of them being accredited with either NLNAC or CCNE in the future. I know you need either NLNAC or CCNE to get into any kind of graduate school (not certain this is what I would like to do in the future, but would like the option).
    I did call a few Denver area hospitals and spoke with their HR departments. Children's Hospital told me they wouldn't hire grads from DSN.
    Any insight would be really helpful! Thanks!
  11. by   ashaffer
    If you don't mind me asking, what kind of a GPA in science courses do you need to get into Metro's Second Degree Program? I will currently have a 3.0 in pre-reqs and am wondering if I need to retake any classes.
  12. by   ashaffer
    I am thinking of University of Colorado as well. When you refer to needing a GPA of 3.5 or higher are you including a previous bachelor's degree grades or only the pre-reqs for applying? I have a 3.0 in pre-reqs, and a 3.75 in a previous degree and am wondering if I even have a chance of getting in...
    Thanks for any input in advance!!
  13. by   JamieA0321
    WOW! You are super prepared! That is awesome! Can I come study with you? Lol. I have never, in my life prepared that much for a class, even when I was in school FT the first time and also working FT...I should have though, it probably would have made it easier. I am taking my class through CCD, not actually CCOnline, though there is plenty of room in the CCOnline course, I just thought it might be easier to get help if I had a specific instructor who I could go to for help if needed! I don't even have my book yet, I need to get it, still. I was having a hard time deciding what classes I was going to definitely take so I haven't bought any books yet. I really need to get on that!!! I am definitely going to take your some of your suggestions for preparing for class! I NEED to do VERY well in these last pre reqs I have, so any help I can give myself will be well worth it!

    Since it's been quite awhile since I was in college, in your experience, what are the assignments, quizes and exams like? How many did you generally have regularly. I don't remember ever really having assignments in college the first time, we'd have an occasional quiz, like 3 a semester, but our grade was primarily the midterm, the final and a project. Can I expect regular assignments in Stats (how regular?) and Bio? Is there a big project that I'll likely be expected to do in either? How are the tests? Do you have to go into a testing center or are they online? Open book? Timed? I really have NO idea what to expect here!