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I am looking for a LPN program in Colorado. I heard Emily Griffith has a great program but I want to later move into RN program. I also checked in Regis What do you think?... Read More

  1. by   twhite
    that's wonderful news . i was hoping to have my prereqs completed by spring of next year so hopefully i can get in then . thanks for all your input ,and good luck !!!!
  2. by   denverstudent
    once you place the call they schedule you for an interview and then at the interview they schedule you for the pre test, immediatly after the test I met with the original person I interviewed with and there were spaces open in the BSN program and I was admitted. I thought balloon would fly out and confetti would fall but none of that happens haha. And to the above comment about looking for other places, I would just like to add that I haven't started there but I can tell you they have done a lot for me already and I aside for one prof. it sounds like all the teachers really want you to succeed. I have also heard good comments from RNs I work with about the quality of nurse that leaves the school after only 21 months (Just some things to keep in mind).
  3. by   Fairytale07
    What happens at the interview? Do they just look at your transcripts & you're in as long as everything else comes back clean & you have the $ to pay?
    Or do they ask you a bunch of questions about why you want to be a nurse?
    Sorry for all the questions. I would just like to be as prepared as possible if/when I get an interview spot in April.
  4. by   denverstudent
    no questions...just the exam unless something has changed...I know it's weird how simple they make the process and I understand wanting to be prepared. Honestly just do well on the test and you'll be fine
  5. by   tooky
    WOW i hateto hear that!!!!! I reallyhope I dont experiencethoseproblems....WHO KNOWS what Im gettin myself into!!!!!!!!
  6. by   JamieA0321
    Who has taken Statistics online? I'm getting ready to start my pre reqs thsi spring and I'm taking statistics. I'm taking it online as the evening classes available didn't work with my schedule, and I'd prefer to take as much online as possible as I have to work FT and daycare in the evening/weekends can be an issue for me. I'm starting to worry a little about this class. I had stats before, but that was 10 years ago and I can't remember much of anything about the class other than I spent a lot of time doing workbook problems for homework. Has anyone taken this? Is the class doable online if it's been a long while since you had a math class? I know a lot of it will depend on the instructor. I'm taking it online through CCD. Are there any resources that would maybe be helpful for additional help?
  7. by   DenRN71
    thanks for posting this question, as I'm in the same boat--taking stats online through CC Aurora. No idea what to expect as I've never taken an online class before and it has been years since I've taken any math. Would appreciate feedback from anyone who's been there, done that.

  8. by   Sand_Dollar
    I will be taking it through ccconline starting Monday. I did Algebra last semester and that class was H*LL, but I still got an A. I'm expecting this class to be easier because it actually makes *sense* to me. I haven't found much in the way of extra resources. I did find a stats class on itunes U that I have been listening to and it all sounds fairly straightforward.

    Does CCD offer their own online classes or are you going through ccconlne with CCD as your home college?
  9. by   SuesquatchRN
    I do a lot online but I could NOT do a math online. I need an instructor for when I say, "Huh? No, I don't get it. Uh huh. Nope, still don't see it,"

  10. by   Sand_Dollar
    If you both take it through ccconline, I can share how I get ready for my classes and my 'start up' routine once class starts - I have it pretty much down by now, lol.

    Don't worry amac71, online classes are fine. You just have to get organized, stay up on the work and follow everything the prof says to the letter!
  11. by   Sand_Dollar
    I was that way Suesquatch! I was going to drop algebra after the first exam - 34%!! I found a website that helped me (had vids, walked you through the stuff and had extra work) for the first 3 units and when it got real hard, youtube became my best friend! Thank goodness there are math geeks out there who make videos to share their geekness - who would have thunk! lol
  12. by   DenRN71
    thanks, Sand Dollar, my course is actually offered online by CCA, not CCConline, but I'm assuming they are similar otherwise. I'd love any tips you can offer as far as getting organized and what has worked for you, as it sounds like you've taken a lot of online courses! I always did well in my math classes, but it has been 20 years since I had calculus in high school and nothing since then. I am intimidated by statistics for some reason.

    thanks much!
  13. by   Sand_Dollar
    Here is how I get ready for an online class and just so you know ahead of time... yes I am anal retentive about my schoolwork and marks! lol

    When I get my book(s), I always make myself a study guide. I start with the contents and copy what they have down. Then I go through the pages and add in headings or divisions they missed. Each type of heading/subheading and division gets its own color/font. I go back and add in every glossary word under its respective heading, putting the word in red italic. I print it out and then write on it where where the info is found. I start at the beginning of the chapter and write down when the info and page changes. Sometimes there are 10 glossary words and a couple headings on the same page, I don't write the page # next to each word, just the first one. These study guides are very handy during tests... I can find the information very quickly in the book and go to check/find the answer - I always check my answers with the book.

    Once the study guide is done, I go to the publisher site and print off each chapter quiz. I don't bother trying to get the right answers, its the final print off I want. Usually you can have it emailed to you. I print out this email and highlight the correct answers... easy to see this way. If I am writing in my text (like I did with my sciences, but not my anthro) I would find the answers in the text and highlight them if the question was obvious. If the question was tricky (some AP Q's were), I would write the question out verbatim in the margins with a line going toward the answer. I would review the publisher tests while I was studying the chapters, but still print out the tests ahead to save time.

    If the publisher has a glossary list or even its own study guide, I often print those out too. I would rather have too many tools that too few. I file everything by chapters and when its finished, I just move the whole chapter to the back of the binder.

    When I have access to the course, the first thing I always print out is the 'My Marks' page. It is a blank page that lists every assignment that you will do. I put in the dates the assignments are due right next to it. I also put in the amount an assignment is due, so I just plug in my score when it comes back. At the top I always write the total marks in the class and how many points I need to get an A in red! I also write on the page, how many attempts we are given on a test, and how long they are as well. I always save my finished tests to my computer. Often they will use quiz questions on the larger exams.

    I print out the rubrics, calendar and every assignment information sheet - sometimes you have to dig around for these. Again, the date the assignment is due is written on its respective information sheet. These pages are all filed behind a divider and kept in one spot so I always know where to look when I need something. I then take the calendar and plug in the due dates into my daytimer by color - be sure to put down the discussion due dates - those are important. Each class gets its own color.

    Since I took so many classes last semester (5), I needed a way to look at everything at a glance, so I did myself up a spreadsheet. It saved my butt - I never missed a due date and it kept me focussed in the drudge period, I will do it again first thing this semester. For each class, I would list the assignments by date, name, points and class. I would then color the cell to match the color coding in my daytimer. I would do each course at a time then do a date sort of the whole bunch. I ended up with a list of every assignment by due date. When I get one done it gets a big black sharpie line through it!

    Some classes don't get this much attention. I didn't write in any of my text books last semester because they were relatively easy courses. Algebra had an e-text and it just sucked all the way around! I still printed out the class stuff, but had little to do when it came to text organizing. I have done most of the text work organizing for stats already but my music appreciation text is wearing me out. 80+ chapters in that dang textbook!!

    Well, now that your eyes are probably tired and I have overloaded you with information, it should give you a place to start!! lol It will take me a couple of hours to get everything all printed out an organized come Monday morning when classes start, but I find I am a sprinter - I work better getting it all done in a short period of time. I couldn't do chapter outlines as I went along, it would just kill me! lol

    BTW amac71 - I have been out of school for 20 years too... and I never took calc, just some algebra. If I can get an A in college algebra after that long, stats should be no problem for you!!
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