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I am looking for a LPN program in Colorado. I heard Emily Griffith has a great program but I want to later move into RN program. I also checked in Regis What do you think?... Read More

  1. by   RNtwoBE
    Hey everyone! I'm so excited, I'm enrolled to start the BSN program at Denver School of Nursing in January, yippee! Just thought I'd see if anyone else was out there who's starting too.
  2. by   inusa123
    I took my HESI on July 10th and I'm waitlisted for Oct. '08 otherwise I'll be joining the class on Jan '10!!! I'm excited too!!! Have you worked out your financial aid yet? Also, do you know if we need to buy our books and scrubs separately or does the school supply it since the price for those or included in our tuition? Are you moving in to Colorado or are you from there? I'm from Colorado but have been living in NC so will need to move back there!
  3. by   RNtwoBE
    Hey there! Well I hope you get in for October! Do they think you will or no?

    I haven't worked out any financial aid yet, she said they're doing the October group first, then I'll get to talk to them and figure it all out. I hope I get a good amount! Have you heard anything about it yet? We don't have to buy any books or scrubs, it's all supplied since it's part of the tuition! I'm not from Colorado originally, but I live here now. That's tough you have to move back, but I guess it's for a good reason! Where will you move do you think?
  4. by   inusa123
    No, they haven't said anything about the waitlist but I'm not expecting to get in for the Oct. class. I'm glad the books and scrubs are provided and we don't have to pay outside of school for that. Do you know how it all works out? How will they know our size? Do we get books the first day of each class? I haven't read any posts regarding the books and scrubs. Just a few of them mentioned that they bought their books at another bookstore and were complaining that they had to spend more money on it when they were already charged by the school. Have you finished all of your pre-reqs?
  5. by   mtnmedic
    I just got into the Jan 10 ADN program at DSN.
  6. by   graceomalleyRN
    One of my closest friends in my program did her clinicals at Fort Logan last spring and absolutely loved it. You will see everything -- it's really a great experience as far as really seeing the variety in mental health nursing. We were told that Fort Logan is the only facility in CO that has very young children as inpatients. Best of luck, I think you'll be glad you are there.
  7. by   CM1215
    HEY everyone!!!! I'll be starting in the BSN program in Jan 2010! I would love to get to know more about everyone starting in Jan. Also, does anyone know when orientation is?
  8. by   RNtwoBE
    inusa123 - well I'll keep my fingers crossed for you in October! I bet they give us the books on the first day or maybe at orientation. Maybe we order the scrubs from them at orientation too or something. Don't stress about that stuff, it'll all be worked out. I haven't finished my pre-reqs, I have statistics. And I found out two of my classes won't count, so I have to take 6 credits...so instead of taking two classes this fall, I'll be taking 4. But that's okay, I'm gonna do two easy A 3-weekend classes. Oh I'm taking Pathophysiology, that's one of the 4, so I won't have to in the first quarter. My friend who goes to DSN HIGHLY recommended doing that, she said about 4 girls in her cohort did that and they had a MUCH easier 1st quarter. What about you?

    Hey mtnmedic - congrats!!! I'm sure we'll all see each other around campus!

    Hi CM 1215 - WOO-HOO!!! Aren't you so excited? I just got my letter and book in the mail, so it's official! ;-) They said in the letter orientation would be 2-3 weeks before classes start on January 4th. Hopefully we'll find out soon!!! Are you taking any classes this fall or are you all done? Hopefully they'll get us in soon to figure out financial aid, not sure if you're going that route or not, but I sure will be. ha-ha

    YAY for us!!!
  9. by   CM1215
    Hey RNtwoBe! I'm soo excited!! I thought it was so cute how they sent us a book on how to succeed! I just graduated from Gonzaga and am luckly all done with classes. It will be nice to take a few months off from school, however, i'm trying to look in to finding a shcool that offers Pathophysiology but I'm have trouble. Either way I am so excited to start. I just have to figure out living so if any one who is out of state and might need a roommate, let me know and maybe we can find an apartment together!

    And to inusa123...i had talked to them about being on the waitlist for Oct. as well, but she said that there would be a good chance I would of started but I wouldn't of known until a week or 2 before. Since I'm out of state and will need some loans, that wouldn't of given me enough time. So I'm sure you have a good chance for october. Goodluck!!

    Did everyone already sent their official transcripts??
  10. by   RNtwoBE
    CM1215 - I know, that book is funny! I haven't read much yet, but it looks there is some helpful info. So how come you're coming to DSN? Just curious how the school situation out there is!

    I'm taking my Patho class at Arapahoe Community College, it's in Littleton, CO. They have an online class too, you should take that! My friend's first quarter was so rough, so I'm doing whatever I can to prevent that. ;-) That's so great you have a few months off tho, I'm so envious! he-he

    I haven't sent my transcripts yet since I'm taking more classes this fall. Have you? I wish I had a room I could rent to you, sorry! You should try craigslist, I bet you could find something. Let me know if you need some help finding a place or questions about areas to live in! Are you going to work while you're in school or just get loans? Luckily my job is going to let me go part-time when I start, thank goodness!
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  11. by   mtnmedic
    I've been taking my A&P online there too and can recommend it, so I think Patho online there would be pretty helpful to get it out of the way. i still have to take A&P 2 this fall, and I think taking that with Patho might be a bit much. So I guess I'll just have to take it the first quarter with everyone else.
  12. by   RNtwoBE
    mtnmedic - that's awesome tho! Who do you have? I did the hybrid A&P's and Micro there. All of my other classes I've done at Red Rocks, I LOVE it there!
  13. by   inusa123
    I want to take Patho online too...but the problem is, if I get into the october session, then, there's not point in taking it....I hope I get into the october session so that I get the lower tuition since it raises a couple thousand in Jan. I got my book and acceptance letter too...