Is there a waiting list for the nursing program at Colorado State University Pueblo?

  1. Okay, so looks like we will be stationed in Ft. Carson starting Jan 2013 (husband is in the US Army btw).. and i am looking to start school. I was extremely excited with the idea that we were moving somewhere else and found the great oppurtunity too finally start persuing my life-time dreams of becoming a nurse... Since we are only gonna be stationed there for 3 years i figured my best choice was to enroll in a 2 yr program... (havent started on my prereqs yet) problem is, i have done all kinds of research and looks like the closest community college that offers the program would be PPCC, but i've also gotten pretty discouraged reading about how booked they are and how there is a possible waiting list of over a year. The last thing i want right now is to waste any more time. Im eager to start school and i am completely not looking forward to waiting around for openings. So then i gave it some thought and decided that maybe i can just go for my BSN at Colorado State University Pueblo. Now, i was doing some reseach on they're webpage and according to they're info there is no waiting list to students who get accepted. How true is that??? i cant find any reviews on the school and would like to know if anyone has attended their nursing program there before, if so how long did it take you to get accepted .. also, would it be best if i do my prereqs at a community college then transfer to them, or should i just do everything at the university! Any Advice will be greatly appreciated.. THANKS
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  3. by   hopefulinCO
    I spoke to the program director at CSU Pueblo, and she said that doing Prerecs at the community college is fine. Give her a call, or e-mail (she got back to me within a couple of days) to get the exact course equivalents, and PPCC offers most of the prerecs online, so you could start now.

    As for the waiting list, I'm not sure. I applied to the accelerated program, and they don't start reviewing applications until after the 1 October closing date, but I don't know if the same applies to the traditional program.

    I hope this helps, welcome to the community!
  4. by   RubySlippers06
    I think there is a program in Colorado Springs... Could be totally wrong though.
  5. by   hope3456
    It sounds like they admit competitively - there might not be a waitlist but they most likely will get far more applicants than positions available. I'm not currently in CO and I have heard there are less applicants now since the job market isn't as good - but nursing programs can get (for example) as many as 400+applicants for 50 spots. You may need to have your prereqs completed before applying or preference is probably given to those who have them completed.

    I recall hearing that PPCC in Colorado Springs had spots reserved in their nursing program specifically for military spouses. Not sure if that is true but may be worth checking into.
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  6. by   Red35
    PPCC does reserve spots for military spouses. A family member of mine was accepted over others because she is a military spouse.

    Good luck!
  7. by   hopefulinCO
    Quote from RubySlippers06
    I think there is a program in Colorado Springs... Could be totally wrong though.
    UCCS has a nursing program, also highly competitive.
  8. by   Benedina
    Esmy, it's not typical of any of the Colorado BSN programs offered through regionally accredited colleges/universities to have wait lists. You either get in or you don't. If you don't get in, you're free to apply again the next year. It's also typical of these programs to be stringent about their requirements, and those requirements can vary widely from school to school.

    As for your route into CSU Pueblo, or their acceptance rates--go and talk to them in person. You'll get much more accurate information than from those of us on this website who didn't go there!

    What I can tell you from personal knowledge:

    1. CSU Pueblo's nursing school has traditionally been much less competitive to get into than CU's nursing schools, whether in Denver or in Colorado Springs.
    2. I was lucky to get a summer internship in Colorado. One of the other interns was a CSU Pueblo student, and she was bright and did a great job in her internship. So at least one student was making very good use of her education there.

    Good luck,

  9. by   smsoftballgirl
    I got into CSU-Pueblo for Accelerated BSN graduating in 2014! I might be able to give you some information about their admissions and whatnot.
  10. by   SummitRN
    Most CCs have waitlists. All Universities in CO are competitive admission as are a few of the CCs.
  11. by   ChristyG1129
    We just arrived at fort carson too! The deadline was in Oct found out I got accepted in DEc. and the program starts in MAy. We are coming from HI and I did all my prereqs that I didnt have with my previous degree at cc online and I am finishing them up this semester at ppcc. When you fill out the application you have to put where and when you plan to or finished your prereqs, and send transcripts so I would assume if they didnt accept them from the college they would let you know. UCCS has a nursing program and is way closer to fort carson than CSU which is about a 45 min drive, but they have more prereqs (it was like 3 more classes i would have to take) than CSU and you also have to take an entrance exam that CSU doesnt require. I dont think they have a wait list, but you could email to make sure they respond quickly (i sent plenty of emails lol). Hope this helps a bit
  12. by   smsoftballgirl
    @ChristyG1129, are you in the accelerated program for CSU-Pueblo? I'm accepted too and I'm trying to meet some of the people I will be in class with lol
  13. by   ChristyG1129
    Yes I am!
  14. by   smsoftballgirl
    awesome i look forward to meeting you. do you know anyone else that will be in the class? i created a fb page if you want to join it. trying to get some networking going before we start .....