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  1. Hi, I will hopefully be starting at denver school of nursing in Jan. I was wondering if anyone has taken the HESI exam? I wanted to know how the test is, is it hard, or just basic stuff. I know it has math, grammer, reading, vocab. And I have been studying like crazy.

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  3. by   Sand_Dollar
    Hi Heather!
    That is the same cohort I will be applying to. Are you going for your BSN or ASN? Me, I'm going the BSN route. I bought the Kaplan 'Nursing School Entrance Exams' book, I'll start studying in May when this semester is out.

    I would start by doing a search on here for HESI A2, here is a link to one:
  4. by   moffatt1
    I will be getting my ASN. Thank you for the helpful information.
  5. by   Aquarius987
    Hi Heather,

    I will be taking the HESI exam this Friday at Denver School of Nursing. I, too, have been a little nervous about taking this exam. A friend of mine just took the HESI last Friday. She got a 95. She only studied the book given to her by DSON. She said the exam is actually quite easy. I will let you know what I think after I take it on Friday.

  6. by   moffatt1
    I will also be taking it on friday at Denver School of Nursing! I have been studying for about 2 weeks now and I was just curious how the test was. How did your friend do at the math part? did she say if there were alot of word problems?

  7. by   Sand_Dollar
    Ooh, I want to know how you guys do, please let us know!

    What cohort are you looking at Aquarius987?

    The book your friend got, was it a pdf or a real one?

    Now, I'm excited and I'm not even taking the test yet, LOL!
  8. by   Aquarius987

    Happy to hear you will be there on Friday! My friend said the hardest part was the reading comprehension. She said the math portion was a lot of fractions and ratios. There were not many word problems. She said the actual test was easier than any of the problems in the book. Did you get the study guide from DSON? If so, just really study that book. She said that the reading comprehension was mainly just time consuming not hard.

    Sand Dollar, I was orginally looking at the October BSN cohort. But, I understand it is already full. So, I am now looking at January. I am actually a little bit relieved I will not get into October. I plan to take Patho in the fall and hope that will make my first semester easier. :spin: I see that you are also looking at January. Hopefully, we will be classmates! I will definately let you know how the test goes on Friday!

    Oh, yes... the study guide I have is an actual book that was loaned to me from DSON.

  9. by   moffatt1
    Thanks for the info. I ordered my book online. I am glad I did cause when I met with Kelly she was all out of the study guides. Yeah some of the problems in the book are harder then what your actually studying. I was also wanting to start in October but it is full so I will be starting in january. Which is good because I can take a couple of classes and get them out of the way. Good luck on Friday!

  10. by   Sand_Dollar
    Aquarius987 - Dana, do you think I should ask to take my test next month instead of waiting until July when Kelly told me to contact her? If you wanted October and its full already, I'm worried I may miss the January class.

    Maybe we will both be in the January class - cool! I love knowing people ahead of time, makes for more fun, lol. I'm hoping to take Patho in the fall too, I'll already be taking Algebra, stats, Human Growth & Dev and English comp 2 but I want to do it then so the first DSN semester is a little lighter.

    moffatt1 - Heather, what book did you order online, the Kaplan one? or one from DSN?

    I will be praying all goes well on Friday for you both!!
  11. by   moffatt1
    Sand_Dollar-I ordered the Evolve Reach HESI online. When I met with kelly she was all out of the study guides so I am glad I ordered it when I did. I will let you know how it goes on friday.
  12. by   Sand_Dollar
    Good Luck!
  13. by   Aquarius987
    Sand Dollar, If I were you, I would probably ask if I could take the test next month. But, I don't know whether or not they will allow you to. Jeff told me I could not take the test unless I was applying for October. He said if they do get a spot for me in October, I have to be willing to start. However, it sounds like it is extremely unlikely I will get into October. It doesn't hurt to ask, though. The worst that may happen is they will say no. Good luck!

    Heather... Just wanted to wish you good luck with your test tomorrow!

    Thank you both for your well wishes. I will let you know how it goes!

  14. by   Aquarius987
    Hi Sand Dollar and Heather,

    Heather, I hope everything went well with the test. It was great that we got to meet each other, even though it was brief. I am anxious to hear what you thought of the test!

    Sand Dollar, I actually did very well on the test. I found the most difficult section to be the vocabulary. I took medical terminology, but I really don't think it helped at all. Many of the words are words that you pick up from a medical environment. I think just studying the study guide that DSON gave me helped. I remember seeing several of the words in there. I would not have known them otherwise.

    It looks like I will be going in January. However, I still have to apply in July. I just will not have to take the test.


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