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Hi, Does anyone know if Denver School of Nursing is competitive, like the other schools in the area (CU, Regis..)? I am starting my second round of applications (denied and alternate the first... Read More

  1. by   Kayla393
    I ended up sending an email and am very relieved by the response. I asked if students are finding it more difficult to get into their school because of competition with the accreditation and he said that as long as a student is qualified they'll be able to start on the date they want. WHEW! He didn't say anything about an increase in applicants or anyone being turned away. I read someone that they will accept you if you have their basic requirements and pass the entrance exam - glad that hasn't changed. So excited!
  2. by   Boxer Mama
    I was wondering about this very issue with the recent accrediation and if there was an increase in applications. I will be applying for the October 2013 start (BSN completion program), and I am a little concerned. I have a very good GPA and I do have healthcare experience, but it is just in occupational therapy, which is what my AAS degree is in, and dentistry (oral surgery and orthodontics). I have started working on my essay, but I am starting to get a little nervous about the application process and actually getting accepted. I wish February would get here so that I can get the ball rolling! Good luck to everyone taking their HESI soon!
  3. by   Kayla393
    You shouldn't have any problem. He told me that if you qualify, you'll start on the date you want to. As long as you have your pre-reqs, 2.0 GPA, and pass the entrance exam, you're in.
  4. by   lisha4113
    I know they have used a wait list in the past, and it seemed like something they may use again soon with all the accreds. Just do the best you can with school and try to get volunteer experience just in case. With CU's one admission a year now for traditional, I am assuming that more locals will be applying here-if they can afford it.
  5. by   mscarmen74
    Did you gain acceptance after all?