Best home health agencies in Denver?

  1. I am looking to work in home health care and I was wondering about the agencies in Denver. Which, in your opinion, are the best? I am looking at Pro Case Management right now as I have a connection through a friend. Any advice? Pay is not my only concern, I really value an overall great place to work.

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   JenniferSews
    I worked for RGA Home Health for a while. Home health wasn't where I wanted to be, but they were a great company. They were smaller and family owned, which was great. The owners were wonderful, fair, everything you'd want in a boss. I know they are growing and may still be hiring, especially if you have experience.
  4. by   betsy.rn
    CENTURA HEALTH @ HOME IS THE BEST!!! I have worked for them as a CNA from 06 to 07 and now I am there again since Feb. 09. I am now an RN and if I wanted to do homecare, I would totally work for them! They don't typically hire new grads though, b/c of being out all on your own. But they provide company vehicles for FT field employees (white Jeep Liberties with Centura H@H logo on side. I don't know too much about pay for nurses there, but as a CNA it was good. Main # is (303) 561-5000. Tina Fisbeck is one of the nurse recruiters or Margaret Porter in HR. Good luck!
  5. by   mitch8lem
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