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Hello Everyone, Well I am currently completing my pre-reqs doe ACC's Nursing Program, and I was going to be able to get on the waitlist after this semester (fall 06). Well... as luck would have... Read More

  1. by   jdarcy
    I understand your frustration. I felt much the same way. What it required was some research on my part to find the best school with the shortest wait list. I am currently a student at Front range and would have loved to have gotten into that program but the wait list is about 3 years. So, I did the footwork and went to the smaller schools in Colorado and talked to their nursing program chair's and looked at their NCLEX pass rates and physically looked at the schools and talked to the students. I went to 5 schools and then narrowed it down to 3 with 1 school being my choice.
    I had chosen Pueblo CC with Otero JC as a second. After thinking it over for 5 months and being on their wait list (at 104) I decided that I really did like Otero Better than Pueblo. I called the head of the CCCS Nursing program and she switched it around while we were on the phone. No headaches, no disasters, and it looks very good for Otero come the fall.
    Otero has had an excellent Pass rate (currently @ 100%) and they really do a great job with their program. Pueblo has about a 75% pass rate and that worried me. Their program chair didnt really respond to my questions about their program in a forthright and straight forward manner. She qualified all her answers and never quite answered the question. That worried me. Trinidad has a good program but the way they have their clinicals set up made me very nervous.
    Do the research. If you arent tied to one place geographically then look at the smaller schools. You will find them really wonderful.
    good luck.
  2. by   Melina
    Pueblo only has 75%? I didn't think a school could do that poorly and stay approved. I was in my first semester of pre-reqs when they started screwing around, and it was major factor in my decision to go straight to University. I have kids in school, so I can't just leave, but I would have looked into other states if I could. What was weird about Trinidad's clinicals?

  3. by   RNin'08
    Quote from rory535
    So if I choose school A, but B has a shorter waitlist, even though I have school B as my second choice, anyone with school B as their first choice is going to get in before me.

    I'm not sure this statement is true...I got accepted to my second choice school after 1 semester with the new system and then accepted to third choice earlier this month (forgot to remove myself from the CCCS list).

    Of course, don't take my word on it. The whole system was confusing as all get out to me. But I do think they keep in mind who was on the waitlist first regardless of if the school is your first, second or third choice.

    ~my reality check bounced~
  4. by   jdarcy
    yeah, i saw that coming and signed up for the Patho and Math 103. It looked to me though the CCCS system didnt require either of them, most of the colleges just added both of those to their cirriculum. So, I figured why kill myself...take em now.
    I am pretty sure you will get grandfathered.
  5. by   jdarcy
    Oh, the numbers on the pass rates. go to
    I was wrong about Pueblo. It's 70.2%!! the average of since 2000 for first time pass rate is 75.4%
  6. by   GoBear
    I'm just so frustrated with the CCCS wait list situation, regardless of whether or not I need two more classes I finished the wait list prereqs in May, immediately updated my file and called to get put on the list, and now, seven months later, nobody will give me my wait list number. I know that the number itself isn't very telling as to how close I am to actually getting into the program, due to people who have dropped off the list and haven't notified CCCS, but still! I'm getting VERY concerned that there is something fishy going on. I mean really, how long does it take to get the doggone list put together properly???

    There's my vent for the day :icon_wink:
  7. by   rory535
    Ok RNin08, when did you officially go on the CCC list then? I got on that list 05/2005 and Im still waiting.....Yes GoBear, weve been promised our 2nd and 3rd choice waitlist numbers foreeevvvveeeerrrr and nothing.....And when I last contacted the schools individually, their nursing administrators didnt even have much information about how that whole system worked.
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  8. by   RNin'08
    I've been on the waitlist with FRCC since June 2004 and I believe they started sending out info about current waitlist students needing to get on the CCC list by January of '05. So I've been on the list with CCC for almost 2 years. I was contacted via CCC by my second choice school during summer semester of '05 to say my number was next in line, the schedule they had for that Fall semester didn't work for me so they said I could deffer to Fall '06 (rural community college, only admits once a year). Since then I've been accepted to UCHSC and have removed myself from the list.

    I picked two schools that were closest/most convient to me and one school that I knew wouldn't have as long of a wait as the rest and hoped for the the mean time I spent so long on the wait list with FRCC that I finished all my BSN pre-reqs and that route worked better in my case.

    I had to my two years on the CCC list I didn't *ever* get a waitlist number for any of my choices. Every time I sent an email or made a phone call to get more info I was told "we're working on getting that info updated within the next week or two".

    ~my reality check bounced~
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  9. by   GoBear
    It's ridiculous how poorly-run the whole wait list thing seems. I've gone ahead and applied for UCHSC and will probably also apply at DSON since I already have a B.S. I just wanted to try to go the ADN route first due to the cost of the BSN programs, but in the extra years I would be sitting around on my booty, waiting to get into an ADN program, I could be through a BSN program, start working, and be making some money to pay off any loans...not to mention the fact that I plan to work in a hospital for a while and get some loan forgiveness.

  10. by   northmoorgael
    FRCC Larimer campus has a separate waitlist for those who have a degree. There is only about 120 on this list and the wait is about a year to year and a half. They start three times a year with the summer session being a bit accelerated (no breaks). The only pre-req. you need to get on the list is statistics. Then once you are on, you can finish the rest of your pre-reqs while you are waiting. You don't have to worry about the Community College waitlist what so ever but the only drawback for me would be the drive from Denver but I like the price.
  11. by   GoBear
    I wish I could enroll there, but it's impossible with my kids' schedules, and a husband that's gone about 75 hours a week. I'll have to personally stick with paying out the nose for a BSN program LOL!
  12. by   Siren
    Can you change to another ADN program in the metro area?
  13. by   GoBear
    There's no option but this wait list -- all the CCs in the metro area are under the same wait list with the CCCS (Colorado Community College System) program. You can select I believe three programs on which to be on the list, so there's no other ADN route unless one applies for the ADN program with's the only Denver-metro-area program (that I'm aware of) that isn't associated with the CCCS list. If I understand it correctly, if a spot is available at, say, ACC, they take the next person on the list and offer them the spot if ACC is listed as any of that person's choices.

    Someone please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong on that :Santa1: