2016 Nurse Residency Programs

  1. Hey I haven't seen a new post on this topic so I figured I'd start one. Just submitted my application for UCHealth today and am hoping for CPCU or Pulmonary. I also submitted to Children's Hospital Colorado. I've been reading past years threads about residency stuff and it seemed nice to have others that are going through the same thing.
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  3. by   emmy87
    I applied to the residency program at Children's! I have also hoped to find a thread about the current cohort. Have you heard anything yet?!
  4. by   smithrm4
    Hi! I applied for the Children's Colorado residency program too for the August 2016 program and I haven't heard anything back yet! My top three units that I picked were: General Medicine, Emergency Department, and PICU. Has anyone heard anything??
  5. by   smithrm4
    Does your status of your application on e recruit say anything besides "submitted?"
  6. by   smithrm4
    Hi! Just wondering if anyone has heard anything yet about their application. I heard that there were 491 applicants that applied to the program so it's competitive but good luck to everyone!
  7. by   msmith3900
    Hey I applied to the UCH and Children's program and still no update. Anyone else hear back about either? Thanks!
  8. by   RNtoB2016
    I don't think will hear anything until the week of May 9th. The wait is torture though!
  9. by   smithrm4
    Tell me about it! I just want to know a yes or no either way so I can figure out a plan! Thanks for the info though
  10. by   klc1118
    I haven't heard anything yet!! The waiting is killing me. I applied to the August 2016 residency at CHCO as well as UCHealth. CHCO is my first choice, and my three units are PICU, NICU, and Gen Med. I've heard they are only taking 2 new grads in the PICU and ~15 in the NICU. I'm tempted to call and check in but I've heard it doesn't do any good. Good luck to everyone! I'll update if/when I hear anything
  11. by   smithrm4
    Wow! Yeah i'm nervous since I'm from out of state and I saw that they only took 30-40 spots. I just want to know if I even got accepted for an interview!! I picked General Medicine, ER, and PICU. Hoping for the best! Good luck to everyone! I'll post if I hear anything back too
  12. by   Suivezmoi89
    Yeah I'm getting anxiety having to wait this long
  13. by   smithrm4
    Same here! I hope we at least find out by May 13th
  14. by   klc1118
    Hang in there friends!! Only one more week