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Colleges and essay


My mom convinced me to pursue a RN or BSN major and I have a few colleges to choose from now. They are:

-Moravian Acadamy

-temple U

-Bloomsburg U

-St Lukes School of Nursing

-North Hampton CC

-Vilanova U

-Marywood College

-Im excited and determined, but scared because of how competitive nursing majors are nowadays(only so few seats per program). I possess a 3.92 unweighted GPA(mostly CP and a few honors) and 1530 on SAT's(I'm gonna do better next time). Also, what do I write about for an admission essay?! In writing one on how I altered XC in my school, inspiring my coaches for a reconstruction of view on running. Yay!!! I'm know for sure that I'm not so great at writing essays either(not one essay in English this year ). Any suggestions that anyone is willing provide in aid pave a path would help so much. Thanks! :/ 

The two boxes were sad faces BTW.


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Is nursing what you want to do?

Before my mom told me about it, I was unsure of going forth, but as the months go by and the more I learn about being a nurse, the more I desire to be a nurse.

Before my mom told me about it, I was unsure of going forth, but as the months go by and the more I learn about being a nurse, the more I desire to be a nurse.

At the risk of repeating juli, WHY do you think this is right for you? I'm asking because unless your mother is a practicing nurse....don't know why she'd have the information you'd need to know for such a decision. Where are you learning about being a nurse? From actual working nurses--in person--or online? Have you volunteered in a hospital to see what it's about? Gotten a CNA certification to work alongside nurses and see WHAT patient care is about?

I just feel that your questions about choosing an academic institution are a little scattered, and maybe a little premature, if you aren't solidly well-informed what you're getting into. And it just feels to me like you don't know enough yet; you sound quite young and I'm concerned you have a romanticized or glamorized view of nursing....and you'll be in for a shock when you find out what you're really expected to learn and do. That's so frequently the case, particularly when a non-nurse family member "encourages" a teenager to go into nursing. JMHO.

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I agree with what the above posters are saying. If you go into the nursing program and halfway into it you feel like nursing isn't for you, that will be a waste of time and money. My advice is to hold off on declaring your major until you have a good idea with what you truly want to do. Don't rush into anything, get your GECs done first and explore majors along the way. Look for a school that you want to go to that offers diverse options. Finally, choose an essay topic that you are passionate about. Write drafts and show English teachers, your parents, advisors, etc. and get feedback.

My mom is an rn with a BSN degree. I forgot to add that, I'm really sorry. She tells me everything that a nurse does, why she loved it so much and to receive a college education to pursue nursing is fairly cheap if I'm careful with which college is go to for my degree. I really want to get in and I made terrible mistake by not going to extracurricular activities except for sports throughout high school.

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That's understandable, but is that your only reason for wanting to be a nurse?