COLLEGE OF LAKE COUNTY (CLC) -pre-reqs/CNA course/ADN program?


Hello everyone,

I just enrolled myself at CLC and was wondering if anyone else has done the same in their path to becoming a nurse. I already have a BS from a University and am now attempting to complete science pre-reqs to either take the CNA course and enter the ADN program and then bridge to BSN, OR apply into an ACCL BSN program.

Has anyone taken their pre-reqs here? (reviews/opinions)

Has anyone taken the CNA course here? (reviews/opinions) If so, did you already have a degree? Will I be able to cut out some of the CNA pre-reqs from my schedule to make it shorter? Should I just complete my pre-reqs and do the ACCL BSN instead?

As anyone completed their ADN program? (reviews opinions)

I'm trying to decide the best route for me as I need to start making money, want to begin my nursing path, but also already have a Bachelor's degree.

MUCH thanks to anyone who can help!

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I see you have been posting variations of the same posts in multiple forums. Allnurses is a little different than other sometime takes awhile for members to respond because they work shift work and time differences across the US and internationally as well.

From reading ALL of your are going to need to bring up your GPA with your pre-reqs. A major majority of schools require a minimum of a 3.0. Be sure that whatever program you are looking at that your credits will transfer. Since you already have a bachelors degree really the fastest way to RN is the accelerated BSN programs.

Nursing is very competitive right now and even with a BSN you may have to search hard for a job. There are a plethora of new grads out there all wanting to be nurse practitioners and get that one year in and leave. Hospitals have become gun shy about hiring new grads without some sort of commitment to the facility.

You can go the CNA route but it won't necessarily guarantee you a job that pays more than minimum wage. Even wqith your CNA you will still need to get your BSN for many facilities across the nation are mostly hiring BSN grads only. You can think about LPN which takes about a year then bridge to a LPN-RN BSN bridge program. Which might then take about 2 to 3 years total to your RN

If you are looking at money I would go for the LPN program then bridge to the RN-BSN but if you re looking at nurse practitioner you will need to improve your GPA .

Good Luck!


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What did you decide to do? I considered clc but it's really hard to get into their nursing program. I'm going to go to Northbrook for lpn and then do a bridge to bsn program online offered by Indiana university. I'm just finishing my prereqs this spring so hopefully I'll be able to start lpn in the summer.

Northbrook doesn't have a waiting list, you just have to pass the TEAS to get in, which shouldn't be an issue if you already have a degree. They don't accept financial aid, but they do accept grants from the WIA program if you qualify.

Good luck!


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If you already have a bachelors why not go in to an ABSN program?? Youll just need the science core prereqs and they're usualy about 2years long I think? Adn is also a good choice do your science prereqs adn 2 years and rn-BsN is one year online

Getting in is NOT hard! Ace the prereqs study for entrance exam and you're in that's how I got into my program

Idk why anyone would waste their time going to north brook , Americare or ambria they're jokes just out for money you'll probably pay less for an RN program than an LPN program there. Unless you really need a job asap then lpn is a good route which is also offered at CLC.. Don't pay your way through those lpn programs many ppl I've talked to say they're self taught. Schools like north took have only had about one class graduate so far..


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Hello- I just looked up CLC because I'll be starting pre req's in the fall. How has your experience been so far? Are you doing the nursing program there or somewhere else?