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College of New Rochelle Summer 2017


Has anyone applied for the ABSN for Summer 2017 ?

Yes! I have and I got accepted!

Congrats! When did you apply ?

I actually applied really really early... I originally applied for spring I think around October or November, but they pushed my application for the summer instead.

oh okay well that is good! I tried to submit my application before the priority deadline, but they took everything down regarding the accelerated program. I am supposed to be receiving an email once its posted, but the program starts soon so I am worried.

Hi, I was admitted as well for summer 2017. I received the letter in the mail last Friday. Slsu, did you pay your deposit yet? I'm wondering when we will hear about aid.

Happy to hear you were admitted! When did you submit your application?

I submitted my application in January. I think a week later they removed the program on the website. I wish they would put a notice online about that. It freaked me out when i didn't see it online.

Yeah it scared me also, but I've been in contact with the department. The only thing I am worried about is if the term is already filled.

I'm hearing that the curriculum changed. That could be a reason for the site being down being that it needs to be updated, or maybe they're just not accepting new applicants at the time.

Yeah they were trying to get the ones that were already accepted to make a decision soon.... they made it sound like seats are extremely limited

Hey, I've been accepted and received some information today via email regarding required documents and orientation

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Did anyone receive financial aid package?

and yea believe them @slsu

I just submitted my application the beginning of this week. Now that the application is back up how long do you think it will take to hear from them?

For those that applied early-

Did you have an interview, or an exterance exam of some kind?

And how long before after you submitted your application did you get accepted?

I received a package in the mail yesterday, anyone else?

hey, so I applied to this program very early. I was actually admitted to the Spring start but switched to the summer program and I received that letter back in December. I was told at the time that I would get more information by April, but so far within the last 3 days I have received information about orientation, registration, etc. I didn't have an interview or any entrance exam- only the application, my prereq's and essay. Hope this helps.

Congrats on your acceptance! I actually ended up hearing from Ms. Bimbo a little bit after I posted this morning saying I got accepted. I put my deposit down and she said I will get a package in the mail soon.