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I started with TCN the end of this past summer, 2014, I feel like I'm up against some hard currents, (the LPN to RN bridge), I passed my first exam, failed my eng comp!!! was totally bummed, but I have since picked myself up, working on the A&P, so much info to cram into one exam, anyway, still waiting on my first check to arrive from my first exam, its been now beyond the 10-12 weeks I was told, so anyone else just dealing with similar issues? I think one of my hardest issues to deal with is, my wife is not supportive of me moving from lpn, to RN. So any sort of other experiences, or uplifting support? thanks Tim

TheCommuter specializes in Case mgmt., rehab, (CRRN), LTC & psych.

Welcome to Allnurses.com!

You do realize that Excelsior College is the actual LPN-to-ASN degree program that will be granting your degree at the end of the pipeline, correct? The College Network is a publishing company of extremely expensive study materials that cost an average of $610 each. It is not a school or degree-granting institution of higher learning.

Good luck with your endeavors. Perhaps your wife will be more supportive when she realizes your earning power will be increased with an RN license.


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