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I'm just taking a break from my last minute review for this test. No other standardized test has given me the heebie jeebies like this one.

I have done well on the English and Reading portions on the ACT, TEAS, and the HESI, and I usually get great feedback on essays. I think I will pass, but I don't feel confident.

I hope I pass. I don't want to take English Comp II!

Wish me luck!

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Good luck! I was always too nervous to even attempt to CLEP, so I'm already impressed, regardless of your score :)

I'm sure you'll do great!

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Thanks Steph!

I took it yesterday, and the two essays make me the most nervous. You get about an hour to write them, inline sources and everything!

I'll find out my score in a couple of weeks.

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Fingers crossed for you! I understand your motivation - I actually obtained ALL of my Eng/Comp credits via CLEP, likewise with Soc & Amer History... saved me a bucket load of time and aggravation. I think it's a shame that more people don't consider this option since it's a really great way to avoid boring classes & since the result is usually just pass/fail, it doesn't impact your GPA. BTW, I went on for BSN, MSN & EdD - so CLEPs certainly won't hold you back at all.

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Thanks. I actually didn't take the the first composition either. I have a P on my transcript because my ACT score exempted me from taking it.

I wouldn't think that testing out would hold you back. The skill level and understanding required on the CLEP is higher than what you could slide by with in a class.

It will not only save me time. The CLEP test costed me about $100. Taking the class will cost me closer to $800.

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