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I was just wondering peoples views on Unions, from reading other posts I got the inpression that unions are not a standard thing. One of my lectures this semester was two of the big nursing unions... Read More

  1. by   nurs4kids
    "BTW, Wildtime, you asked about Write Stuff writing about being against unions and ANA and MNA. I wrote to her and she does not work in a contract facility, has not looked into MNA, and has only been in Minnesota for about 3 years. I hope to encourage her to check it out in the near future... whether or not she joins is up to her, but it is always wise if a person looks at and studies an organization BEFORE they decide it isn't for them. "

    that was me that asked that question. It isn't fair for you to personally confront someone as to their choice not to participate in union/ana. WriteStuff may be non-confrontational, so you're going to hear what you want. She is not a union or ANA supporter by educated choice, but doesn't tell you such because she knows that isn't what you wish to hear. You guys really are starting to remind me of the old union guys..you're either in, or out. If you're out, you're dead meat...

    she said it right here, in her post I quoted earlier, why did she have to be confronted in an email??
    "Level #4 consists of the rest in our profession who are so far removed from reality they should all be taking antipsychotics by the boat-load............our own ANA, Boards of Nursing, Professional Journal Editors and Staff, the NLN, our lofty State Nursing Associations,etc. etc. "
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  2. by   Jenny P
    Nurse4kids, I wrote to Write Stuff privately after reading her post on the other thread, not to confront her, but rather to chat with her. In previous posts she'd mentioned she hadn't lived in Mn. long, and I have read her posts with interest since she joined our BB. I do not feel I was confrontational in my PERSONAL email to her.
    I am offended by your response to me on this. I have no idea what "old union guys" are or what you mean by "if you're out your dead meat."
    Sorry to have confused you with Wildtime.
  3. by   nurs4kids
    Okay, Jenny, I apologize. I cut and pasted write's msg here, earlier, so I felt that was the reason you sent to her. I figured she was being confronted for here anti-ana/union stance and it was because I'd quoted her. sorry
  4. by   Jenny P
    Apology accepted. I really TRY to be tactful and am not an "in your face" type of person. I try to see both sides of an arguement; I may try to convince you that my side (of an arguement) is correct, but I will not force it down someones' throat. And I can respect the other person's viewpoint if it is different than mine. Life is way too short for being a grump.
  5. by   nurs4kids
    Thanks Jenny. I was just a bit defensive, and shot my canon at you before I realized you weren't the 'enemy'.

    You're right, you are normally rational and fair.

    Hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas!!
  6. by   ohlpn
    Several years ago our LTC facility voted in a union by a very narrow margin (4 votes). This union was to represent housekeeping, dietary, maintenance, office & nursing departments (CNA's & LPN's only). Because negotiations were stalled for 2 years (the company spent bazillions on union-busting lawyers & fired most of the staff that were sympathetic to the union) we eventually voted the union out.

    After reading this BB & various healthcare union pages, I haven't found a nurses union that represents LPN's. I don't want to get into a discussion about the differences between RN's & LPN's . . . it's all been said before! I just wondered if there was a union that represents nurses . . . period!

    There are numerous reasons why I think a union would benefit our nursing home & nursing staff at this time. This is something I would like to look into, so if anyone has suggestions or recommendations I'm open to them.

    By the way, I voted against the union in our facility the last time. Also, my husband has been a member of the Plumbers & Pipefitters union for 30 years, so I guess you could say a union helped support me & put me through nursing school. For that I am grateful!

  7. by   fergus51
    LPNs here are in their own union separate from RNs.
  8. by   ohlpn
    Well Fergus, I kind of thought that's how it was, though I'm still curious about how LPN's find a union that doesn't include housekeepers, dietary, maintenance, etc. Nurses have their own issues that need addressed apart from these other departments. I'm afraid nursings concerns would get lost in the shuffle and about all we would be good for is what we could contribute to the unions coffers! Any suggestions?
  9. by   fergus51
    Someone posted a link to the LPN association. I am sure they would have more info on this.
  10. by   jerbear6
    I know that the sate of New York has been a very pro union state. But there are many states who have not had that luxury. I too belong to a "service employee union" would not trade it for the world. We picked this union so that we could get all the employees in the same union , same local so that we may have a very strong voice in our hospital. The thing people forget is that the nurses are the union. It does not matter the name fo the union, what matters is that the members stand together and actively fight for what they want to achieve. It takes all the nurses to make changes. The problems are that we still have alot of apathy in the profession. We need nurses to to be activist, especially in this day and age when working conditions continue to deteriorate and nurses are leaving the acute care field. The only way we are going to make the changes is a strong solidarity of nurses as a whole. So unless you like working in dangerous conditions and risking your license on the floors, I say get involved. Do you realize if all the nurses would stand together and fight for our causes, we would not need unions, but that day is a way off and so we need the unions to help us get started. So I say lets get a fire lighted and keep it burning in order to save our profession.
  11. by   OC_An Khe
    Current federal labor law requires that LPN and RNs be in separate bargaining units. After several court cases and subsequent rulings there are five separate bargainng units in health care. If my memory serves they are as follows.1) MDs, 2)RNs, 3) other health professional (PT,OT,etc.) ,4)LPNs and technicians, 5) clerical/office, and maintenance which includes trades, housekeeping and dietary.
  12. by   jerbear6
    Yes, there are different bargaining units for various workers in the hospital, but if you work together as a whole, you can work on issues as for the whole hospital:ie;retirement,medical and etc. Then each barganing unit works on the issues that are important to them. We have it where all the contracts expire about the same time. So now the whole hospital is together when it comes to bargaining. There is power in numbers.
    Just remember, we are the union and it is what we make it!
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  13. by   tiredfeet2
    I live and work in Va. We have no nurses unions. I was always told that it is illegal in our state to have one. And if for some reason you walk off the job site because you put patients in danger then you are fired. It would be nice to have a union so that your employers could not take advantage of you.

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