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And hires unqualified "scabs" as replacements. I would strongly suggest anyone from Northern New Jersey/New York City area avoid sending your family members to this hospital if you care about their... Read More

  1. by   momatwork
    HI Morte,
    I apologize for the cut and paste....when I did it it did not post as in the site, http://web.doh.state.nj.us/apps2/nur...ubReports.aspx that lists the staffing ratios of all NJ hospitals as required by Law.
    The ICU ratio is actually 1 RN to 1.4 patients; Intermediate Care is 1 RN to 2 patients, Med/Surg is 1 RN to 5.4 patients, NICU is 1 RN to 1.7 patients,PEDS is 1 RN to 2.6 patients, OB is 1 RN to 5.1 see my point now?
  2. by   momatwork
    The staffing ratios are comprised of RNs giving direct patient care, i.e. unit staffing and do not include case management, etc.............. When I looked at my hospital's, that's what is listed..........
  3. by   NRSKarenRN
    from hpae:

    since wednesday, june 3rd the nurses at [color=#990000]englewood hospital and medical center have been [color=#990000]locked out. for all of the latest news, click here.

    as of thursday, june 11th [color=#990000]bayonne medical center has [color=#990000]ended its lockout of healthcare workers. to learn more, click here.
  4. by   herring_RN
    Thank you Karen for keeping us informed.
    ...Under the law, our workers will be working under the original contract, and any attempt to impose the hospital's last offer during bargaining is illegal, and we will challenge them every day, in the hospital, in the public and in the courts if they attempt to strip our members of their rights and working conditions. We are ready to get back to our patients' bedsides, and ready to get back to bargaining.
    On Friday morning, at 6:30am, workers will gather together to march back into work....

  5. by   NRSKarenRN
    update: nurses accept contract with englewood hospital
    wednesday, june 17, 2009
    by bob groves

    unionized nurses at englewood hospital and medical center approved a new three-year contract tuesday that union officials said achieved their main goal of adding more nurses per patient.
    eighty-five percent of about 500 nurses who voted at the clinton inn in tenafly ratified the contract, said jeanne otersen, a spokeswoman for the health professionals and allied employees union.
    the union successfully bargained for salary increases and no changes in their pension plan, but gave up a paid half-hour lunch break....

    ...the union won nine new full-time nursing positions effective next year, which may be divided up among full-time and part time nurses, said stephanie orrico, chief spokeswoman for the nurses’ bargaining unit.

    this means nurses who are in charge of a shift and have other responsibilities will care for four patients during day and evening shifts, instead of six patients as they do now, otersen said. but night shift charge nurses will still have seven patients each, she said.

    nurses will also receive a 1 percent wage increase in september and in 2010, and a 2 percent increase in 2011; plus annual 1 to 1 percent “step increases” for each year served, orrico said.

    deferring their wage step increases in 2009 created a $1.3-million savings, which paid for the new nurse positions, she said.
    “we tried to recognize the economic and fiscal responsibility we have, and i believe we did that,” orrico said....

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