Cold Feet? Or is Nursing not for Me?


Cold Feet? Or is Nursing just not for me? :o

I started taking prereqs full time this January, after being in various jobs for the past 5 years since high school. Everywhere else I have worked (law firms, retail, restaurants) a nursing career has always been in the back of my mind, nagging at me. I never started school before because whenever I would look at the prerequs and wait lists, I would get so discouraged and not even go for it. Now, I have finally started classes, with the intention of starting LPN school in the fall, and then continuing on to get my ADN.

My classes thus far have been going well (English, Body Structure & Function, Nutrition, and Math for Nurses), and I have a 4.0 gpa. I am a good student, and I know that I can study and get good grades.

This past week, I have really started to worry about this plan. Am I really going to be a nurse? Is nursing a good match for me? I'm getting terrified that this is all going to be one big mistake. I have been so worried about this, that I can not function and focus like I should be, I feel physically ill and sick to my stomach, and I just burst out in tears because I don't know how to make this decision. Worrying about nursing is taking over my life. I read everything I can about nursing, and spend tons of time here on the website reading about other nurses experiences...but I can't get that feeling I want of "YES! Nursing is for me, and I'm going to give it 100%". I keep searching for something encouraging, but I feel like backing out and saying this is not for me. How am I really suppoused to know?

I'd hate to give up if this is something that I could be good at, but I'd hate it even more if I kept going and completed the program and decided that nursing was not for me.

Has anyone gone through this? Any advice or suggestions?

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I suspect that you are afraid of investing in the program (emotionally as well as financially) and then finding out that nursing is not for you. You need to get over that fear by saying things like, "So, what if I change my mind?" "What horrible disaster will happen if I decide that I don't like nursing as much as I thought I would?" The answer to that question is "Not much."

You are not suddenly going to find yourself in up to your neck in a nursing career. You are going to enter it a little at a time. Right now, you are just taking a few pre-req's -- learning things that will be of use to you regardless of where your life takes you. When you start taking nursing classes, you will get a taste of nursing that first semester. If you hate it, there is no law that says you have to go any further. You can quit with only the loss of a little money and time. After you have taken a few nursing classes, then you will be in a better position to know whether or not it is the right career for you.

Enjoy the journey. That's what life's about. It's not just about where you end up -- or whether or not you take a few detours along the way. If you need to alter your course after a little while because you change your mind, that is no big disaster. Take what you've learned about the world, about life, about yourself, and move on.

But for right now ... why don't you just enjoy the pre-req portion of your program? If you don't continue it, you'll always wonder ...."What if I had stayed on the nursing path? What if I hadn't quit?" Just give it a try and see.

i completely understand what you are talking about. i just started taking my prereqs this semester...i am totally enjoying it, but when i think about the journey ahead it sometimes worries me. will i make it? but...then again what if it takes four years...who cares...when you think about the rest of your life ... what is four years?

i am very thankful for my supportive boyfriend. he is great and he encourages me so much...he is a physical therapist, so he has taken some of the classes i will have to take....

one day at the time...and before we know will all be but a memory!

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have you worked in any health-related jobs? if you haven't, maybe you can look into working as a patient care tech at a hospital, just to get some experience with direct patient care. it's a good way to find out if you're comfortable/still interested with the nursing field before actually going to nursing school.

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dextera I TOTALLY understand how you feel. When I graduated from high school my mother who has been a nurse from before I was born told me to go to nursing school. I went to college for 3.5 years and graduated with my BA degree. I ended up getting stuck in a dead end Caseworker job after graduation. I needed a degree for this job but saw people around me making more money than me.

Finally I decided to enroll in LPN school and I am now in my second semester. EVERYDAY I have cold feet or second thoughts but then I say to my self, "If I give up, what will I do?" So I have decided to hang in there. Just stay focused and study,study, and keep studying. You will then be thankful when you finished because you worked hard for it. Don't waste time like I did. I graduated from college in Dec. 1999. But I say things happen when it is suppose to happen. STAY IN THERE!!!!!

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It happens. I had the "mini meltdown" on day 2 of my LPN classes, lol. Thankfully Mom who was a nurse talked me in off the ledge and by day 3 I felt great.

Maybe you could get someone in a nursing field you are interested in to let you do a share day with them. If you spent the day following and observing their duties it might help make up your mind. Wishing you all the best and please don't give up on nursing until you are sure it isn't for you.

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