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coding dental

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I have talked to many MDS people in the organization I work for about how to code dental for someone that has dentures as that unfortunately is not an option. We have come to the conclusion that you would code edentulous because in the handbook edentulous is defined as having no "natural" dentition. So, a dental caa will get triggered even though they have dentures and no difficulty eating. We then just explain this in the caa and do not care plan. Just curious if that is how other people are coding.

Ruas61, BSN, RN

Specializes in MDS/ UR. Has 39 years experience.

Yes, always address why no dentures if it be a medical reason or personal choice. I always address it in care plans due to the choking aspects, chewing concerns and need to have oral checks.

I said the patient DOES have dentures

Ruas61, BSN, RN

Specializes in MDS/ UR. Has 39 years experience.

I was giving you a general reply as to what I do and my reasoning to go to care plan. You come across rude with your response in capitals. Last time I reply to you.

Was not trying to be rude, I'm sorry. Just wanted to make sure people understood I was talking about someone that does have dentures. Not someone that is edentulous.

If you don't care plan that the patient has dentures, those reading the care plan (as if...anyone does, other than surveyors?) wouldn't know that he had dentures, for example, and if he could not speak, he may be taken to meals without his dentures, which would be a choking . We've all happened upon dentures, also, that had been sitting untouched/unwashed in a cup for a few days, or months. Not pretty.

(Oops, correction to the above: choking RISK).