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I have a question about what a CNA should do in a code? I've had 3 in time I've been working as an aide. The first time I took blood pressure and check glucose level. The second time I was just "moved" out of the way. The third I didn't get a chance to do anything. Before I knew it there were 20 doctors in the room. I feel useless during them but don't know if I should? :sniff:

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I was told that if its your patient then stay with them and do whatever you can to assist the nurses and physicians, this could mean taking blood pressures or grabbing supplies or even drawing blood for labs unless you are asked to leave. If its not your patient then you should help the CNA whose patient it is by helping out with the other patients on the floor. The worst thing to do is to block up the room or the hallway near where the code is happening if you have nothing to do with the patient or are not helping out in some way.

!Chris :specs:

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Thanks Chris,

I have only had 3 on the floors I've been on but most of the time I'm asked to leave. That's the one thing about where I am, usually within 20 seconds the room has over 20 doctors in the room.

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