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Thanks to all who responded to my previous question regarding who responds to "Codes" in your institution. As we continue to research and plan for rolling out a more efficient "Code" response protocol at our institution, we have purchased 12 new Lifepak 12Ps. These will replace the current 9Ps that are in the critical care areas at the present time, with one additional one to be used betweeen 2 units (ICU,Neuro & CCU,CVRU) for using to respond to "Codes" on the med-surg floors and other areas of the hospital.

Some of us from the ICU & Neuro units were inserviced on the use of these 12Ps and find that they seem rather heavy to expect a nurse to "run with" down stairs, etc in reponse to a "Code". They weigh 16lbs without the battery pak, and 20lbs with the battery pak. Some of nurses weigh 80lbs max and that is soaking wet, and then there are others who weigh 250+. Some have had previous back surgeries, shoulder surgeries, etc, and those of us who haven't had previous injuries feel carrying this piece of equipment could potentially cause injuries and with the staffing shortages we have, could really pose problems.

Can some of you share with me what kind of Lifepaks you use, and if the "code nurse" is responsible for carrying it to the code?


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We also use the Lifepak 12's. They are positioned on the top of the crash carts and the whole thing is rolled to a code. The only time they are removed, is for transporting a patient, then they ride along on the cart. They are definitely heavy and cumbersome!

I don't think I could run up a flight of stairs carrying one!


I'm under the impression that you don't have lifepaks on each unit in your frightening! We have a lifepak on each unit that sits on top of the crash cart. That way no one is stuck lugging it around from another floor for every code.

I'm with beano!

The facility should purchase one for each floor, at the minimum. Then for the specialty units (ICU, Neuro, CCU, CVRU, ER, OR, PACU) there should be one in each unit. This is what our hospital has done (in fact it's been that way for 14+ years). Recently when we upgraded to the new Lifepak 12, they did it in stages, but all the units already had defibrillators/monitors on the top of each crash cart that is stored on the unit. When the crash cart has to be traded out, they bring us a new crash cart and then we trade the stuff on top onto the new one and send the used ones down. Our ICU, CCU, PCU, ER, CCL, PACU has their own portable Lifepak 10's for transport between the units.

Tell them if they're going to do it, they need to do it right. Good luck in your planning.

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