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Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!! Last weekend I hurt my tailbone and things have been painful ever since... Especially sitting down! I stated school yesterday and my microbiology class is 3 hours long twice a week & I start my anatomy class on Thursday. The lab is about 2 hours but the lectures are online... I'm trying to figure out the best way to cope with this and allow it to heal but it's so hard when you're in school!!!! I've read leaning to the side, leaning forward, and changing your position every 20 minutes helps but yesterday was SO painful... And in order to study and do homework.. Am I supposed to stand!!! Ugh... So frustrating. Has anyone ever experiences this?? I know that coccyx injuries can take several weeks, even months, to heal so I haven't gone to a doctor yet (also, no insurance) so I've just been doing a lot of research. If anyone can share their personal experience with this or any suggestions that would be awesome!!! Thanks!!

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I remember breaking the tip off during a fall in my early 20's...hurt like the dickens. Lying down was about the only real comfortable spot I could find. Using hemorrhoid pillows actually made it worse! Talk to your instructor and let them know you are going to be getting up and down a lot until this heals. A very soft feather pillow may help. I don't know if the memory foam or pellet pillows will be better. Guess you could go to a store and try sitting on some of them LOL.

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Oh you poor thing. I did that a long time ago and still remember the 4 months (srsly) of pain that I had to deal with afterward. Get yourself a donut pillow. They come in various sizes & materials and are available wherever they sell medical supplies. I would suggest getting an inflatable one that you keep in your backpack for school - just inflate when you need it. OTC NSAIDs pro-actively; take before the pain gets too bad.

PP is correct - no need for everyone to be all up in your business, but you do need to clue in your instructors so they don't think you're rude if you need to stand up in the back of the room once in a while.


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One year I broke each of my big toes (months apart). My doc advised ibuprofen and I said it didn't really help with the pain; she told me it reduces inflammation and allows faster healing - quite a revelation! Why don't they TELL you these things?!

The second break treated with the ibu healed much faster but I realize the fractures were not identical.



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I broke mine falling off of my horse. Get a donut pillow to help relieve the pressure!

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Per our terms of service, we cant provide medical advice and ask that you contact your provider. Good luck.

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