CO2 less then 10


My vomiting OB patient's met panel came back with a CO2 less than 10. I reported the value immediately to the Resident. What else could I have done for my pt? That was her only critical value. Earlier her resp were increased, and mental status changed from the day before. I told my charge nurse and she told me the patient looked okay to her.


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Is this from an ABG or a blood chemistry? It means different things depending on what type of blood this result came from!

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i would guess it was likely a lyte panel.

she wasn't hyperventilating?

there are some meds that will decrease levels, also.

some abx, thiazides come to mind.

if the doc is concerned, he'll probably order abg's.

mostly it will depend on her presentation.

w/o any further patho, it will likely restore itself.



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vomiting can cause metabolic alkalosis from loss of gastric secretions- it would be temporary like you describe.

Everyone is right though- was it respiratoy alkalosis or metabolic? If it was respiratory, educate her on slowing respirations.

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