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I just caught the tail end of one of the CNN's three part series on the nursing shortage. It was very good. National attention is what is needed.

They also have it on their website.

CNN/Nursing Shortage

Get on the train nurses! It's starting to leave the station. We need all nurses on board to keep it going and get our concerns dealt with. Don't sit and whine. Airing our complaints on this BB is cathartic but isn't going to change anything. WE have to change it. With action!

Be a "Firestarter"! Join a professional organization of nurses. Any one is better than none. Who cares. Just do it. Use it to actively educate the community about the problems in nursing. Write your Congressman. Now is our "moment". Let's grab it.

The apathy of nurses astounds me! If you object to nursing organizations, be a one man/woman crusade! I have. I put signs in all my car windows. "Nursing the New Endangered Species" on the hatch. "Save your Nurses" and "Support H.B. 78" on the sides.

Every time I drive to work 25 minutes on the freeway I make at least 50 people aware there is a serious problem in nursing. Then I go to the grocery store and educate a few more with my car. Then when I get home I make sure I park it on the end of the driveway so everyone who drives by sees its' message. You'd do it for the political candidate of your choice. Why not for yourself and your co-workers? People who have seen my car driving around are going to listen and look little closer when they hear something about "nurses" on TV or in print.

Picture hundreds of cars driving around your community, refering in someway to the problem in nursing.

Don't like that idea. Then think of your own. It's a free country. JUST DO IT!

In the final analysis as with all things in life YOU have to live with your choices. If you chose apathy and inaction, remember that the next time it's your family in the hospital. Then will you wish you had joined in a "nurses rally" or passed out flyers or put them up in your church or school, wrote a few congressmen, or put a sign in your car?

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I saw the show and thought it was well thought out! Can't wait until the second part today!!

They are also offering a chat at 1pm today with the doc that was on! Think I'll check that out too! :)

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Where can I get bumper stickers like that? I'll buy a truckload and pass them out! :p


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I looked in my yellow pages and found a place called Sign-a-Rama. I believe it is a national chain. They also have a website.

I called told them what I wanted and they made it for me.

I am turning a few heads. And my teenage daughter doesn't want to ride in my car anymore. But I'm doing something! And I feel good about myself for trying.


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lol Peggy. Your teenage daughter probably doesn't want to be seen with you anyways! I think you have a good idea on another posting you made here re: "associate" membership with ANA. You should email them with your suggestion. (Although I think 20 bucks/year is way too little.)

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