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How do a cna get into a hospital right after they finish the program? I think for most hospital they only want cna that have experience? Any suggestion how to get into?


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Do you know anyone that works in a hospital? If not, I would say that you need to really be able to sell yourself and be persistent after you submit applications to various hospitals. I am in the same boat as you, however it really helps when you know people already working there.


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Prepare to be VERY persistent.

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Move to an area where there is a high demand for CNA's....pretty much, with the way things are these days, that is your only hope. Hospitals just don't hire CNA's with no LTC experience unless they are desperate for the help.

On the up side, generally, they look for 6 months or more experience so, put your time in.

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Some have preferences like hiring someone who is in a nursing program over someone who is not. Usually someone who is hired knows someone else who is in the hospital. However, sometimes you have to pay your dues and take a low-paying position to get experience and then move on to a higher paying one. A lot of CNAs I know had to start out at 8 bucks an hour for a few months before they could start making more than 9 bucks an hour at a different facility.


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Just apply. I know many people who got hospital CNA jobs straight out of school. It's not as rare as you think. My CNA instructor told the class we would all end up in LTC. He was wrong. After my state certification I applied everywhere. To my surprise, the hospitals were more interested in me than the nursing homes. So apply everywhere, hospitals included. What do you have to lose? You should always at least TRY things in life. Good luck :-)


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Yes just apply! I was an anesthesia technician and just applied right out of undergrad!