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CNA vs. OB Tech


I am a pre-nursing student, hoping to begin my nursing program next fall. I am getting into nursing because I want to be in L&D and midwifery is probably in my future. Due to the recent economic crunch I find myself needing to get a job. I have tons of experience in food service and office administration, but I felt that since I am headed toward the healthcare field that I would be further along to try to get a job in healthcare instead. I have been on a couple of interviews and they have both went well and I have been offered one of the jobs and they are checking references and things with the other.

The first is for a CNA trainee. It is paid training and certification with a LTC facility in my area. It is really close to home, full time, and the pay is decent. It does conflict with my current schedule for next semester, but that can be easily changed, I will just lose my really good A&P II teacher.

The second is an OB Tech position at a hospital that is only part time, further away, and I haven't been given a pay rate yet. This position is very flexible and will work around my current schedule for next semester. I could really use the extra $$$ with the full time position and the certification would be nice. That being said, my heart is in L&D and this position would be a foot in the door when it is time for me to get a job after NS.

Please help, my heart says OB and my head says CNA.:banghead: I don't know what to do. Thanks for your input.

I vote for OB tech, especially if the main motivation for the other is money. If you feel like you can manage with the less money the OB tech position provides, I say go for it. Its where your heart is. And who knows... after you start working for a while, they may be able to bump you up to full time.

I agree with Acosmo. I say go for the OB tech job. Since that's where you want to be headed; I think you will get a lot of experience with general CNA duties (just guessing here) AND as you say it will get your foot in the door. Also, if it doesn't work out (pay or whatever) there are usually a fair amount of CNA positions available and I am sure you could get one if you put your mind to it. Good luck; let us know what you decide! :)


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You'd be happier in OB...trust me.. maybe you could float to other floors to get extra $$$$

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I agree with the others. Go with your heart. And yes, in a hospital you would be floating to other floors. And think of the great experience you'll be getting! :)

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