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Hey everyone! I'm hoping I can get some help with this. I have applied to an RN program for the Fall, and will be applying to one for Spring '10. If I don't get into the Fall '09 program, I would like to take the CNA course and try to get a part time job (I'm a stay at home mom and student right now!). Any reccomendations would be great! Also, could you reccomend where I could find a good CNA program? Thanks!


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Becoming a CNA is helpful for the RN program. You will get an idea of what the medical field is like. There are RN programs that actually require CNA certification as part of the application process. Good luck in getting admitted early.

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Which program did you apply for? One of my classmates (I am in the RIC nursing program), Chris, could probably give you advice on the CNA stuff. I know that CCRI has a CNA training course; you could go to their website and take a peek.


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I have applied to Massasoit Community College for Fall 09. I will also be applying to CCRI for Spring '10 if I don't get in to MCC. In which case I'd like to take a CNA class over the summer/fall. I checked the CCRI website, but it doesn't look like they're offering it over summer/fall, although I'm not 100

% positive, the website is a little tough to search. Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

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Thanks Lauren, I would recommend that you call about the CCRI CNA program. Being a CNA is a good way to earn money and provides you with experience that not only makes you more comfortable with patients but sets you apart at the clinical sites. Good luck with your decision and let me know if you need any more questions answered.

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