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I had one course in Fundamentals of Nursing and I want to work in Patient Care, preferably at hospitals but i never get a response from hospitals. I was wondering if i should take a CNA course if that would help me get on at a hospital. I am not currently attending a nursing program but have applied to several different programs in St Louis area.

Would anyone know of any CNA courses in St Louis area? Thank you.

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I believe it was mentioned in another recent thread about CNA schools that there may be one at Forest Park Community College, but the bigger issue is the cost of this program vs. just waiting to hear from a hospital.

Right now, hospitals just aren't doing much hiring. They, like so many other industries, have been hit hard by the economy and even hiring for RNs has slowed tremendously.

Here is one thread about PCA/PCT positions and a contact number that may be worth trying:

Best wishes!!

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For those of you still curious about CNA classes, I just started the one at St. Charles Community College and would be happy to share info if anybody wants it. Feel free to send me a PM.


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For those of you still curious about CNA classes, I just started the one at St. Charles Community College and would be happy to share info if anybody wants it. Feel free to send me a PM.

Hello! I am in dire need of help. I am wanting to begin classes at the St. Louis Community College in order to become a CNA. Do they charge for classes, or just for testing? Do I have to have a diploma/GED or can I begin classes before I obtain my GED?

I hope to hear from you soon ;)


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I read you just started a CNA course at St Charles, I would like to hear about it.



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I am thinking about enrolling there also. How long have you been there? And what are the classes like. Is there alot of work since you meet 1 time a week? I am looking at the cna class. thanks=)


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I just called about the class at St. Charles Community College and I was told that they are not taking any more students right now. They said it would probably be November before I could get in.

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Sorry for the late response, I never got the email saying people had been replying to this thread. I just happened to check it by chance today.

Ok, I am attending the CNA class at St. Charles Community College. The classes are twelve weeks. I take it on Fridays and it is from 8-3. I am about half way through and I am very happy with the program. There is also a text book you have to buy. It comes with a workbook and is about $60 if I remember correctly. It's an easy read- pretty much high school level.

You have to complete 75 classroom hours and 100 clinical hours to be eligable to take the state certification exam. You have to pass 3 written tests with an 80% or above (not hard to do). Once you have completed 16 classroom hours, then you can submit a request for clinical placement. Clinical hours take place at long term care facilities. They're pretty flexible about your schedule. As far as time constraints go, I think you have to finish the whole thing within 6 months and you have a 16 week window to complete the classes. So if something comes up and you have to miss a class you have a little wiggle room to make up your classroom hours.

I don't know if you have to have a high school diploma first, you'd have to ask them.

As far as workload goes, there aren't any assignments or anything but you need to study to pass your written exams. You get all of your practice during the clinical hours and it is the nurses at the clinical sites who check off your skills.

I'd keep checking back about the waiting list thing. My instructor was confused last week as to why there was such a long one because we have a really small class right now.

If you guys want to know anything else, let me know.


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The instructors are excellent at SCCC. Just make sure you, the student advisor, and the dean for that department agree w/ your class and clinical schedule. Because if you request a change they will not hesitate to drop you from the course entirely w/o notice. Be careful and research all of your options.

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