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Hi guys! I am new here and I am very happy I found this group dedicated to nurses and nurses to be. I have been reading posts here, they are very helpful. Anyway, I am planning to get an ADN in Dallas Community College. I am working on my prerequisites right now. Before that I plan to get a CNA certification as they say it would be helpful for clinicals later so I am considering doing it. Can you guys give me info about CNA classes that are made on weekends or nights. I am working full-time right, so I really need it to be weekends of nights if there is. I can't quit my job yet, or else I can't pay rent ugh. Thank you so so much in advance

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I do not know of any on nights or weekends. Most are day programs....

Thank you for the response not.done.yet, MSN, RN. I have found out that Brookhaven is offering night 6-9pm.