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Hello everyone, I took a CNA class 5 years ago and am just now planning to take the test and become one in Virginia. When I took it I got an A, but ended up with a C in my Anatomy and Physiology I class. So I gave up on being a nurse. In the last year I realized I don't want to be sitting at a desk for the rest of my life and that I want to be helping people. So I finished the rest of my prereqs with As and just applied to nursing school. I need to take the written and skills test to get my CNA so I can work as one while I'm in school. I'm nervous because I haven't had any patient care experience since my class and I don't remember all the specifics. I still have my book so I was going to review that but does anyone have any study tips, especially for skills? Thanks app is a excellent way to learn what all you will cover in a CNA class and is very helpful for those wanting to pass CNA exam. You can self test yourself, multiple choice answers, I used this app for my CNA and PCT classes. If you have a smartphone download the app or you can go to website. I prefer the app on my phone since I use that more frequently. For skills portion there are many videos on YouTube for CNA skills learning.


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Are you eligible to sit for the exam? In some states you will need to retake the class in order to register for the exam.


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I called the Virginia board of nursing that said it doesn't matter when I took it as long as it was in Virginia since 1980 something when they started keeping track of it. So all I have to do is take the written and skills exam.


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I just took it two weeks ago in Virginia. I am a nursing student (an old one, at that). The Virginia BON has a pamphlet you can download that tells you all of the possible scenerios you will be tested on. I think there are like 20 possible skills scenerios and you will have to do 5 randomly chosen skills, with handwashing always being one of them. I was a nervous wreck and I practice most of these skills in clinicals every week, so I can imagine how intimidating it would be after five years. You can PM me if you have any questions.

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