I've heard about people becoming CNAs. I'm not sure how that works. Does anyone think a pre-nursing student could become a CNA while still in school? How long is a CNA course? Does anyone know off the top of their head? Any advice as to whether or not it's a good idea? I'm thinking volunteering at a hospital this summer is the way to go.


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All of the programs I've been looking into require you to have your CNA before applying to their Nursing programs. The CNA programs in my area take about a month give or take. Not sure where your located but this is for SW Washington area.

I was able to sit for CNA licensing after my first semester of nursing school. I didn't have to pay for the classes and just took the test. Other states may vary in their practice, but in CT, NUR 100 qualifies you the same as the course to sit for the test.


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Becoming a CNA is a good route to take as a pre-nursing student. I've heard of several students working as a CNA while in nursing school. It helps with understanding the very basics of nursing (i.e. bed pans, blood pressure, etc) and also immerses you into a healthcare setting so you're more comfortable with patients during clinicals as a nursing student. It might also help with job opportunities in the future as you may make connections working as a CNA. You can get your CNA at your local Red Cross chapter, although pricey (Here in California it's about $1500) but the course is only four to eight weeks long, depending on if you do full-day or half-day training. Also many community colleges offer CNA training.

Volunteering is a great route as well, although not as hands on as working as a CNA. Either way, the more experience in a healthcare setting the better! Hope that helps:)