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CNA programs SF Bay Area


Hi AllNurses Community,

Are there any good (accredited) CNA programs in the SF Bay Area?

I am in the East Bay Area (Hayward). I saw that the American Red Cross has one in Santa Rosa and San Rafael, but thats very far, and would be my last option. Are there any other ones?

I would like to do one Summer 2016 or perhaps this Winter 2015, so then I can start working and getting some experience during school.




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Santa Rosa Junior College has an excellent CNA program.


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I went to NCP in Hayward a few years ago. I thought it was a good program

Thanks for the responses the one in Hayward is bad from what I hear now. Community college CNA programs aren't flexible with nursing prereqs

I attended PASS Institute. Google them. They have campuses in Pleasanton, Pleasant Hill and Antioch, all accessible by BART. You can easily get to each of these from Hayward if you take BART. I think my evening classes were 4 hours 3 nights a week. They offer CNA, HHA and EKG Tech i believe. I was able to work and attend, very flexible. They are accredited and I passed my CNA exam on the 1st try. Portia Saucelo NP & her husband own the company they are both nurses and are the owner/instructors. They have great clinical sites and of course accredited with a great reputation. My nursing instructors knew them & previously worked with them, nursing is a small world lol I had a classmate who traveled from San Leandro to Pleasant Hill 3 evenings a week, you can too. The class is only 6-8 weeks I believe, around $1000. Cpr/bls card $40, good for 2 yrs. I graduated October 14th 2014. Investment is worth it, glad to have the option to work as a CNA while in nursing school. Good luck!

PASS Institute should have classes coming up within a month or sooner. You could be a CNA by the new year, that would be doable. Sounds like you have a goal, I have faith you'll achieve it regardless of what school you'll go with.

@LuckyCharmSVN - Wow, thanks so much for his info! It does sound flexible and like a great program! I willow into it today! Thank you!