CNA Pediatric ICU, not a good fit for me?


I was called for an interview for pediatric ICU as a pct, but there is one problem. The more i thought about it, the more I think my personality may not be a good fit for this unit. I am also a male which may hurt my chances as well.

My biggest concern is my personality. I am not as talkative as my other co workers at my current orthopedic floor. I am not super bubbly either like most of the female pcts. I talk to kids like how i would normally talk to adults, which I am not sure would work that well with kids. I have also been told I should smile more by a lot of people.

I applied because I thought I would like working with kids, but did not think if the kids would like me working with them.

Should I call and cancel my interview? I feel like I would not be a good fit for pediatrics. I currently work at another hospital, so its not like I really need it.

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I think you should at least go to the interview and see what it's really like. It may surprise you.

Gather the info, learn more about the specific postion and then make your decision.

You can always say no if the position is offered and you find that it really isn't what you had hoped.

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Go to the interview. First, bubbly is not required, and some people find it irritating. Second, my kids are used to being talked to like I would talk to an adult so I'm sure there are others out there as well. Also, a lot of kids would probably be grateful to be treated in a more grown up way and might love you for it. I think more male caregivers in pediatrics would be a great thing. Maybe a boy starting to develop and feeling self conscious would prefer to have you providing his care, and would be grateful you were there.

Give it a try! Don't let fear hold you back. :)


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You should definitely go to the interview. Even if they decide to go with someone else, you will still have gotten the experience of interviewing which will be helpful for any future any interviews. Being bubbly and outgoing is not a requirement for basically any job. Doing your job to the best of your ability, is. I have several patients who prefer me to any other aide because I make the effort to make sure they have everything they need (even if it means I don't get to take a break).

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Any update Mike?


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Thanks everyone, I got the offer. I think I was just really nervous, causing doubt in myself.


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Dude congrats! The pediatric ICU is about the coolest unit you could ever work in.