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Hi. I am 21 years old (22 on Tuesday) and finished my per-requisites for nursing school. I am applying to a local university in Houston and also to two ADN programs. I am planning on starting a cna program this month. However, I am having problems at home with my parents. They support me financially but I don't think I can take living here anymore. They are not bad people but my mom brings me down in anyway she can and has always neglected me. I don't want y'all to think that I'm the typical young adult who wants to be reckless and doesn't want to be told what to do. I have tried to make my relationship with my parents work but they are really controlling and all efforts are useless. My question is, has anyone worked full time time and lived on their own while going to nursing school part time? I am considering being a CNA while going to school. The Certified Nursing Assistant salary in Houston, TX is $30,544 with a range usually between $27,691-$33,969. I just want some advice. Should I suck it up and stay with my parents for possibly 3 more years (depending when I get into nursing school and which program), or try my best to move out? I know it will be hard. I'm willing to work hard; all with the hope of saving my relationship with my parents but I want y'all to be honest and tell me if this sounds crazy.

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The downside is that jobs are not always accommodating to nursing students. You may have to change your availability every semester and they may hate that. It was always a rush to sign up for classes and clinicals because there was no telling what would be available. I remember sitting at home waiting for the sign up time to open.


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What about online classes? I know a friend who takes her classes online and goes to a center to do her tests and clinics on Saturdays only.


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I don't know of any part time nursing programs, is there such a thing? But to answer your question yes it is possible to work full time and go to nursing school but it is VERY hard and not recommended by anyone. My honest advise is just to stick it out at home and try to get into an accelerated nursing program that you can complete in 17 months or so.


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yes there is but they only admit a few students per semester. I will look into the accelerated program. Thank you.

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You are young. You think you know more than your parents. We all do at your age. I know you don't want to hear this, but your parents really want what is best for you. Suck it up. You will never earn enough as a cna to support yourself and make it through. Someday, you will understand.

Twenty years from now sounds like a long time away, but it will fly by in a flash. By then, you will have your own kids and get it.