CNA monthly salary?



I am in cna school right now, but am almost finished. I was going to start applying for jobs soon and hopefully can get one where I do my clinicals. I'm living with my mom at the moment and am eager to get my own place as soon as I can, but its been hard finding any decent and affordable apartments considering most people have told me cna's in Oklahoma only make $8.00 an hour.

I'm in the South OKC area, and due to college I need to stay in this area or around it while I go to nursing school. I wanted to know what the monthly salary looks like for a full-time cna. I understand some do three on and some off shifts so I'm having a hard time calculating it myself. Thanks!


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You can get $12/hr at Mercy.


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Where exactly in Oklahoma are you? Because here in weatherford , CNA gets 9$/h now depending on th shifts , it can vary. And there are lots of benefits too.


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I live right between Norman, Moore, and South OKC.

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$9/hour = $360 per week before taxes, or $1440 per month before taxes, assuming you work 40 hours every week. After deductions for taxes and benefits you might end up with $1,000 for the whole month.

When I was in OKC I rented a one-bedroom for $452/month over on 50th Street between Meridian and MacArthur, right down the street from Putnam City High School. I'm sure you could find a cheap studio or one-bedroom rental in many neighborhoods across OKC.


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Thanks for the information!

I found some studio apartments that were around $480 so I'm going for one of those. It will be a dump, but I just need it to get me through nursing school.


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I work at St. Johns in Tulsa and make $13.09/hr So better paying jobs are out there!