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I am a can. after completing the class and finding a job at a nursing home I got put on suspension pending they look into my criminal history. they found a petty larceny case from 2010 I got from another state, am I wasting my time waiting on them to make a decision or should I try looking else where for a job or should I give up on being a can all together due to my criminal history??


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We cannot by TOS give legal advice here in AllNurses. Mods will move your post soon to the proper area (criminal background).

It is wise never to withhold criminal convictions when asked on applications for nursing assistant programs and or employment positions. Indeed you should have been clearly instructed about such things before signing up for the class as federal and often state laws mandate criminal background checks.

Your best bet is to seek out professional legal advice in particular from an attorney experienced in nurse/nursing related employment issues.

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thread moved for best response. However we cannot offer legal advice. You should contact an attorney to see if you can take care of the record maybe have it expunged.

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