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CNA making virtually minimum wage. How to possibly ask for a raise?

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So I am per deim CNA at a hospital. I have been working there since August (so about 6 months). I am also a multi-site float, which means I have to call in 2 hours before each shift to see which hospital I am working at. There used to be just 2 hospitals that I floated between, but they recently just changed it so that there is now an additional hospital I may be asked to go to, making 3 possible locations. The one they just added is further from my house than the other 2, and I have never been oriented to it all. In fact, I have never even have been there before in my life until my first shift there (which was very confusing because the Manger didn't even meet me like she was supposed to until I called my own manager to ask what I was supposed to do because I was not told what floor or unit I was working on and had no idea where anything was in the hopsital.) Anyway, I have always been unhappy with how little I am paid. I don't even make a full dollar over minimum wage (which is $ 11 per hour). I actually took a pay cut from my nursing home job (that I had for over a year) when I accepted this job at the hospital. I regret not negotiating it when I was being hired, but I was too nervous too and there is nothing I can do about that now. Also, I got my CNA at a vocational school, which means I had 3 years of CNA training before getting my license. We got far better and more in depth training than any regular CNA training course. Considering all of this and the fact that most per diems are typically paid more than regular staff CNAs because we don't get any bennefits, plus that fact that I am a multi site float (which should also be paid more as I have to be flexible to go to different locations and units, as well as call 2 hours before my shift), do you think I would have a chance at getting a raise? If so how should I go about doing this. I am just so fustrated at how little I am paid for how much I deal with. Also, most regular CNAs I talk to ask me if I get paid more to be a multi-site per diem CNA, and are all very surprised when I say no. I am pretty sure that there are a lot if regular CNAs with about the same experience that get paid more than me!

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First question is are you union? If so you can't negotiate your pay. If not, your pay may be partly dependent on where you live. Is your wage the same as or better than other CNA's in your region with the same experience? If it is you will have a harder time negotiating a raise but that doesn't mean it's impossible. Talk to whoever it is that actually has the power to give you a pay increase and calmly state your case. From my perspective you have a pretty good case. I happen to agree that your pay is too low for somebody that's required to float to different buildings with little notice.

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If you paid for 3 years of training in a CNA program, you were bamboozled. The approved curriculum seldom requires more than 6 months. Salary is based upon job description, so you salary would be the same even if you had an advanced degree. If you're being paid less than comparable wages for CNA jobs in your area, it would seem that the wisest choice would be to change jobs.

No I am not in a union. The average salary for CNAs in my area is about 14 to 15 dollars. I believe other CNA's make more than me, but I have never asked them what they make as I feel that is not an appropriate question to ask them, especially since I am not close with any of them due to me constantly floating to different units. Many coworkers that I meet ask me what unit I am from, and when I say I am in the float pool and I am per diem, at least half the time they comment on how I must be making a lot of money. I never know how to reply to that, because honestly I think they are actually making more than me!! :(

I did not pay for 3 years of training, I went to a voactional high school where I got my CNA license junior year. CNA training was a part of the shop cirriculum. I did not pay at all for it either. And yes, my wage is less than what the internet tells me the average CNA salary is in my area.

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Internet salary searches aren't always reliable. You are making more than CNAs in my area. Average is $10-11. Online it says $9-16.

Unless you were highly experienced or uniquely qualified unlicensed assistive personnel rarely have negotiation power. Check hospital policy/employee handbook. Some are strict that only raises are at annual reviews. Not all facilities pay premium rates for float or per diem. My local facilities only pay premium for RN & LPN. Not UAP

I think only NH licenses nursing assistants