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  3. by   nurseangel47
    You sound like a great worker. CNAs who are that concerned about their residents are few and far between and I've had lots of LTC experience as a nurse superviser to too many of them!
    Perhaps a mini-vacation to someplace different than where you live? Like a w/e getaway, sometimes a change of environment can refresh us like no other tonic in the world. It is usually helpful to me to get away to either the mtns. or the coast to renew my soul!
    Good luck and maybe see the doc for advice on how to manage the anxiety....anxiety attacks are no fun, especially at work, I know .... I, too have had them!
  4. by   chadash
    Thanks for the encouragement.
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  5. by   nurseangel47
    Due to policies of TOS, I/we cannot offer medical advice...this is a hint that I have seen an MD myself, taken his advice and am now more "stable" in the anxiety dept. Does that help?
  6. by   chadash
    Yep! Thanks!
  7. by   jb2u
    Have you ever considered Home Health Care. I know several cna's that left LTC because of the pt load and they LOVE the one on one attention that they can give in home health. Just a thought.
  8. by   chadash
    Done LTC and home health. Really liked LTC better. I just think patient ratios need to improve if the care is going to be what it should. I think it is a nation-wide issue, and must be dealt with....
    Thank you, but I guess I can't give it up
    Thanks again for letting me vent!
  9. by   casi
    I've been through this a couple of times. What I have found is that when I start to dread going to work I need to take a week off. Once I get my week off and go back to work I feel a lot better and am able to cope with the stress a heck of a lot better and actually look forward to going to work.